DS3 Beeeeeeeep Beep Beep

I put together my PC. It did one long beep then two short beeps. My monitor is not recieving a signal. I've tryed resetting the VGU. Someone mentioned it was a PSU problem and i'm looking into that now. He mentioned i needed a +12V118/+12v218. Any other ideas as to what the problem may be?
Current System:
Mobo - DS3
CPU - E6300
VGU - 7600 GT
Mem - 1g 1.9V 6400
PSU - Thermaltake 430W
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  1. did u seat your video card in the pci-E nearest to the CPU?
    did u make sure to plug the power connector to the video card
    or any 4-pin molex connector near the video card?

    can u post the link for your motherboard? I can't seem to find it :?
  2. 1.The Video card is seated in the PCI E closest to the CPU.
    2. The card does not have a power connector on it. I thought was strange since my other one dide

    My Mobo!
  3. check all your connectors: VGA cable -> monitor, and power supplies connector for all component.

    check your gigabyte mobo's manual, near the back, it should says something about 'beep code' and you can identify it.

    I personally think that's about basically how to solve the display issue... unless your motherboard is defective. :?

    anyone willing to give a hand here?
  4. Try the system with one stick on memory, and remove any other pci cards apart from your graphics card, is the cpu fan plugged into the mobo? As the previouse poster said check the beep codes at the back of the manuale
  5. "Beeeeeeeep Beep Beep" or "one long beep then two short beeps" usually means no video card installed. But if it's installed please check if it is seated properly, also try another video card cause yours may be dead or incompatible.

    Later Edit:
    I build a system like yours and it seems that the motherboard refuses to work with / detect some video cards but i can't figure out why is that. After some testing I noticed that if you reset the system several times it begins to work out of the blue. I have emailed gigabyte about this problem and I await their answer.
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