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Looking for a co-ax to ethernet converter for wireless use

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February 28, 2006 9:34:50 PM

Hello all, just joined this forum.

I'm looking to find a product that will take a coax signal and transmit it wirelessly to a 2nd device, where it is converted back into coax.

If this is not possible, I'm looking to find a device that will convert a serial and coax input to a wireless output(for use in a wireless situation)

I used to use a Pelconet 300 however, I've been informed that an interruption of wireless communication will cause a bottleneck and the unit will need to be reset.

Thanks for any insight you may have.

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March 10, 2006 1:10:14 PM

Why does it need to go from coax to wireless to coax again?

Can you give us more info such as the reason why you need it to go wireless?

Can you skip the coax and do a bridge to bridge connection via wireless?

At first glance from what you have given, I'd say you are going from a building to another building, or trying to traverse a space without the need for coax (or showing that coax is being used from point a to point b). Further, it also sound like you cannot bury this cbale for whatever reason.

The quick, but probably not correct answer would be to get 2 media tranceivers to go from coax to ethernet (and back again), then from a wireless access point to another access point in a bridge mode.

Ultimately, we need more info as to provide the best answer. What you are seeking to do may be best achieved without coax in the way.

That is to assume you are sharing TCP/Ip data from point a to point b.
a b F Wireless
March 31, 2010 9:01:21 PM

UH! Wow, I cant help but wonder why this is such a difficult concept to grasp. This individuals deductive theory is driving the wrong direction down the freeway!
Duh! Its so simple, How to convert the coax signal from whatever; cable, sat, or perhaps any video device and convert to ethernet so that said signal can then be transmitted wirelessly on a shared network and recieve the signal anywhere within that network range.
Well, perhaps not explained as well as I'd like but I'm short on time!
Yes, got to best buy, or your closest electronic AV/PC superstore and ask for a wireless multimedia box. Current market, will run ya between 1 and 2 hundy!
I'm tryin to build one out of misc AV and wirless net devices! Probably easier just to spend the Hundy!

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April 1, 2010 3:26:13 PM

Salvino33 This discussion stared over 4 YEARS ago. It's dead. Tech has changed alot since then.
May 28, 2010 6:15:51 PM

sturm said:
Salvino33 This discussion stared over 4 YEARS ago. It's dead. Tech has changed alot since then.

Nonetheless, I now find myself with the same question, so what is the answer with today's technology?

Some specifics, just to make the question more difficult. I live in France. The ISPs here like to provide packages with telephone and television service as well as Internet access. For reasons of Internet speed, we've been using a provider that uses optical cable rather than ADSL. Now we're moving to a new house and want to add TV service.

The problem? The coax wall outlet is in a different part of the house from where we want to put the TV. We're renters; for that and other reasons, we'd rather not have to extend coax cables to the room we're we want the TV.

The typical setup is to have a splitter at the wall outlet. One branch is then connected to a router that has wireless and ethernet output and also a phone jack, so that takes care of the Internet and telephone services. The other branch goes to a TV decoder box. It would be easy to create a wired computer network by using a powerline adapter and hooking it up to the ethernet port on the router. Unfortunately, we can't do a similar thing with the TV signal, because there's no such thing (I think) as a powerline adapter that takes coax input and then spits out coax output at the other end.

So I'm wondering if there's a wireless solution. I've read that Monster, with Sigma, has said they're coming out with such a product, but it doesn't seem that it's here yet. My idea would be to have the coax cable from the splitter that's supposed to go into the TV decoder box go into some kind of gizmo instead. This gizmo would output a wireless signal (say 5.4 Ghz, if such a thing is allowed by French regulations). A similar gizmo would be in the other room with the TV. It would receive the wireless signal and output to a coax cable. This cable would be plugged into the TV decoder box.

I have no idea if this is possible. Does anyone else?
July 26, 2010 9:12:28 PM


I'm looking for similar solution, but not really room to room, but house to house. I have very big mountin near my house which prevent satellite signal. So I would like to take that signal from somewhere else and terminated at my house through the internet :) 

Don't know if this is possible
a b F Wireless
October 14, 2010 1:51:21 AM

i dont care if this thread is 4 years old 10 years old or 20! this helped me and that's why technology is here, i'm glad this website is around long enough to keep sharing good information.

we live in the technology of age where information should never be deleted so as we can keep growing our knowledge on anything we deem to choose.

plus who looks @ the time... as long as you get the answer you needed
thank you Salvino33!