help me gforce 6200(masked pipelines) :=)

so.. im a portuguese member.. and dont speak english, very well.. lol
i bought a 6200 64bit , 350mhz core , 800 ram (ddr), now she is oc to 450 , 977 .. and works fine.. she had 4pipelines.. its possible to ulock more masked pipelines? i gone to a forum and inside, explain how to unlockk.. but the unlocked in forum was 128 bit.. tihsi is because i cant unlocked, is because my have 64 bits..? :D

in my river tuner.. sohows: 64-bit nv44a (A1,4pp,3vp) whith 128 mb ddr

yes i know i do a lot of wriiten errors lol
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  1. Dont worry I've seen worse from native english speakers :wink:
  2. MY video card is same as yours.
    It is enough for office working and film wathing so forth.
    But when great 3D game like age of empire is!what a poor performance it is.
  3. Nope you can't unlock the NV44, it's only the GF6200s that were crippled NV43s that could be unlocked.

    You're out of luck dude.
  4. ok..thks ..
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