Crazy good experiance in the UK (online shop)

I don’t want to sound too much like a sales rep but my recent experience with was so good I had to do them the honor of posting about it.

Recently bought a barebones system from which unfortunately was DOA. Just a simple 430nforce system. After a number of hours trying every combination known to man (CPU+RAM+CDROM, CPU+RAM+HDD, ect….) the thing refused to boot. Called up next day to tech support (which was helpful and not condescending) and they offered a full refund and the option to get a new system.

Now you may think what is so great about that, its good but not write a post about it good, but you are wrong!

They are only going to ship the new system out for a Saturday delivery free of charge!

Total turnaround time – 24 hours. AMAZING.

I shop at ebuyer, amazon, dabs, aria, pixmania and ebay but the best experience by far is always the staff really do seem to go the extra mile and are not just drones taking orders. They even offer royal mail! Joy!

Do yourself a favor next time you have an order in the UK and try overclockers.
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  1. I'm glad to hear that someone's had a good experience with, I'm thinking of buying from them for the first time and I'd heard worrying things about their afterservice.
  2. I would avoid I used to use them becuase they had good deals with the weekly deals but their after sales service is aweful.

    They wont collect faulty goods themself, you need to organise to get things returned and then keep at them to get the money refunded for the postage.
    They argue about if things are faulty or or not and cleary dont check items on a return and just send them back to you saying they are fine.
    Their customer service can take hours to get through to talk to somebody and a few times they just hung up before I could say anything (to empty to call cue)

    I would use ebuyer have found there aftersales service to be much better.
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