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We have a Flatbad Passbook printer (Globalis Pr90 Plus) that we need to use on Windows 7 machine using USB Port. In the manuals it's said that to use this printer on windows we need to setup this as the EPSON LQ driver. We have done that and the printer worked fine. After rebooting the machine, the USB Printing Support shows a yellow exclamation mark and the printer doesn't work; using troubleshoot, windows 7 is correcting the issue (Driver not found) and the printer works fine until the machine is rebooted where the problem re-occurs and same cycle again.

Anyfeedback would be appreciated.

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  1. Check Windows Compatitably center to see if your printer is compatitable with win 7. Remember win 7 32 bit drivers will not work with win 7 64 bit.
  2. Thanks Guys,

    Problem Solved.

    A new firmware from the manufacturer did the trick.

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