A8N32 Sli , Cold boot ,No VGA problem solved

Hi all , Its good to be part of these forums!

I have put this thread here so I can help others fix their cold boot issue when using sli on the said Mobo.
After two weeks of messing around I finally discovered my problem !

My system specs:

-Asus A8NSLI Deluxe
-2 gig OCZ ram kit
-4800x2 + AMD
-2 raptors in raid
-2 x 6800gt video cards
-Xfi extreme music
-OCZ 700wattSli PSU


Black screen ,sometimes just sits there with everything powered up ,sometimes gets to Windows but with NO video comes up on the monitor!............ When you power off \back on the system then boots but might give you a OC error even when no Oc'ing was present!
When you finally get to Windows and go to display properties ,there is no longer a checkmark beside your "SLi Enabled" setting . The bottom line is the only way I'll get to windows is by booting twice and having the second 6800gt dropped in a way.

The Cure:

I looked at what was happening and looked high and low for an answer on the web !
But found nothing that helped me fix this problem .......hence this thread.
I went into my Bios and looked at my startup which went PCIE1-PCI-PCIE2 ..... This got me thinking ,I then looked at the "PCI Latency Timer" which is default set to "64" !
So guess what, I changed it to "32" and BANG the system Runs stellar!!!!!!!!
No more "OC failed" ,or Black screen on cold boot, and No more dropping of my second 6800gt!! Yes folks I was excited and after five days it Never has a issue

Conclusion: (In my best guesstimation?)

The system had to wait too long for my Xfi at startup to initialize my second video card hence creating countless problems!
A good friend of mine has roughly the same setup and it fixed his issues as well!
I really hope this isn't repeat info ,I also hope this saves some good folks a lot of temper tantrums
My original MSI Sli Mobo before this Asus also had the same symptoms ,unfortunatly for me I never figured it out at that time............

Your thoughts?

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  1. glad to hear you got it goin :)

    i have the same set-up but with one hdd and an antec550watt.
    never had any trouble with this one. :roll:

    did have the same msi sli mobo. but it was semi d.o.a. when
    i bought it. i put knuckleprints in the top of the case because
    of that. but msi warrantied it pretty quick though.
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