Athlon 1.2G Tbird Overclocking

hi guys...i got an 1.2 tbird and overclocked to 1.4G at 133Mhz, clock multiplier 10.5...i'm wondering to overclock it even harder... :twisted:

heres my specs...
Abit K-T7A mobo
256 mb pc-133 memory
7200rpm cpu fan
gefore 2mx

when on 1.4G the temp. is about 60C so i'm wondering if i buy some gud thermal paste can it reduce the temp??

ah..note that i havent done anything physical on them...yet....
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  1. It is my understanding that thermal paste such as Artic Silver only assists in transferring the heat from the CPU to the heatsink... but if your heat sink is already about to melt, a more efficient transfer of heat to it will not help anything. Since your temps are definitely getting up toward the dangerous range why not consider an extra case fan or perhaps an aftermarket heatsink/fan combo. Considering the age of your processor make sure whatever you buy (if anything) is meant for your socket.
  2. I wouldn't even try to overclock it more. Those T-birds had really bad thermal properties. AMD learned from them, and thats why they really focused on thermal efficiency after that.
  3. The Tbred-B and Barton cores were the best for over clocking. That is probably the best your gonna do with that chip.
  4. Wow dude, you got a 1.2 Tbird? What did that gem set you back... a couple grand??

    I'm impressed man. Who cares about those FXs and C2Ds when you can get a T-Bird. If you're interested, I have a super uber S3 Virge ISA Video Card /w optional 2MB Ram to go with that. I can only imagine... 120+ fps in FEAR. Those extremers will be creaming their pants with envy.

    LOL... sorry just had to troll for a sec.

    The best I ever did on an old T-Bird was to get a 1.33 to 1.6 (1.59) on a 12x multiplier. ( 133mhz FSB ( 266DDR ) * 12 )

    It ran stable but ran real hot at that speed and didn't run so good after about 60c.

    I still have one lying around. This thread makes me want to put it in an old mobo and give it another whirl.
  5. Quote:
    120+ fps in FEAR

    you are kiddin mate...with an ol ISA Video card????

    haha..maybe 1.4 is the limit ay??or maybe i'll set it to 1.33G instead...more stable over there...and less heat...really even didn't get to 20% incease....

    for the airflow issue...i just have to open my side panel of my case each time i turn it on... 8O hahah

    maybe in 1-2 months i'll get myself an e-6300...heard that it can easily oc to 3.0G...that is more than 50% mate!!
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