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Hi - apologies for being naive on this, but I just needed some advice on the easiest and cheapest way to split a cat5 cable from my router to two devices.

Basically I have 10MB BB through a cable modem, into my Netgear Wireless Router wpn 824. All 4 ports are taken up - 1 of which is a 25m outdoor Cat5 cable which I have run out of the house and into the lounge.

This cable services a Buffalo media centre (as the wireless didn't deliver). However I now have an Xbox 360 and want to link that to the router as well using the same cable. Is it as simple as adding a hub/switch (apologies I'm not clear on the right terminology :oops: ) - is it like USB where you can effectively daisy chain it?

In reality I would only be using either the xbox or the buffalo media box, not together so really just want a device to switch between the two, so that I don't have to keep crawling round the back of the TV to change the cat5 over.

many TIA. :wink:
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  1. Hub or a switch will work. A switch would be better if you would be using both at same time. Probably run you the same price for a switch or hub.
    Heres a link to newegg for some switches. Linksys would do just fine. They also have hubs but prices arent much different.
  2. sturn - many thanks indeed.
  3. Home network beginner here, Please advise, I would like to use my work laptop (only) on a wireless connection, and easily return to a wired connection system for my home computer. I currently use a cable modem only and do the disconnect, drop, reset, and reconnect process. I would like to be able to just turn on a wireless connection and fire up the laptop for use , then shutdown the laptop and wireless connection while keeping my home computer connected without needing to disconnect and reset cables and power. Or at least keep the resets to a button on the router after the wireless is shut off. Any suggestions? I want to keep my 24/7 home computer on a wired connection only. The work, wireless laptop uses a VPN signal to my work network. Is this possible ? Rich
  4. You need a cable modem/ dsl router. They come in both wireless and wired capabilities. This would allow you to keep all computers connected at the same time to use the internet. No more unhooking cables. This also will allow you to network them together. You could keep the laptop on a wireless connection all the time and the home pc on a wired connection.
    Take your pick on what brand. I have used both Linksys and Belkin routers with no problems. Should run you around 40 to 60 bucks for one in the U.S.
  5. Thanks strum, I have been doing some research and I think I am going with the Linksys WRT54GS. It reads like the one I would like to use, having the latest features of wired and wireless. thanks again, and Happy Easter. Rich Z
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