Getting a new laptop, want to do a fresh install of windows 7 64bit

I am about to order this laptop:
I would like to immediately put a SSD and do a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit. I will then put the hard drive that came with it in an esata external enclosure for storage and back up use. I doubt the thing comes with a Windows 7 64 bit home premium disc, so how can I get one? I have a Win7 professional disc, but I don't think I can authorize it with the code that it will come with.
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    Hi Mike,

    Since the laptop comes with Win-7 Home Premium, you could take the HDD out, and on another computer, clone the HDD over to your new SSD.

    Or using Easeus ToDo BackUp free edition software which you can download, try Cloning the disk directly to the SSD which should include any hidden OEM restore partition.

    When you clone a Disk, you make a sector by sector copy to a second HDD which has to be at least the size of the original.
  2. Obviously I don't want to buy it, since I am paying for it on the new laptop.

    I have Acronis so I could image it, but I wanted a clean install. I've never been happy with the pre installed software on a new laptop.
  3. Hi Mike,

    There are a couple things to consider with this new laptop. Most commercial computers now put a reserved OEM partition at the end of the HDD, for use to recover back to your just purchased state, if need to, rather than installation disks. You could give MSI a call (tele = (626) 581-3001) to see if you can purchase the installation & driver disks for this unit. That might give you access to the programs.

    Also the HDD is 640 GB, much larger than an SSD you might consider for cloning the system partition if that's the way you want to go.
    IF you were to clean install windows separately on an SSD or their HDD, without the restore partition, I'm sure you would void their warranty. And you would have to get access to all the drivers and services they require to get it running properly.

    Lastly there is an appl called PC Decrapifier to get rid of all the bloat and trial versions you get on a new commercial computer that you don't want or need.

    Lot to consider when purchasing a new unit!
  4. there is a piece of software called pc decrapifier if you use that you wont need to reinstall

    you can download a trial version of x64 windows and use the key on the sticker on the bottem of your laptop or on the box/books somewhere or get the key from a third part tool

    but this is borderline ilegal
  5. Thanks for the ideas guys. I decided to bite it and ordered a Dell with a 256mb SSD. I already have a 320GB in an esata enclosure that I will for backup and storage. Knowing Dell, I will make use of the PC decrapifier.

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