Which radiator?

Here is my question:

Which radiator will give the best performance?
Single Pass Heater Core
Dual Pass Heatercore
PrimoChill Xtreme
PrimoChill Pro

From what I have heard, heater cores will provide the best performance. If it is only 1-3C I would probably go with the better of the two PrimoChill rads since it will be cheaper overall to mount and look a bit better in my opinion.

Either a Danger Den Mag II LE or MCP655 pump will be used, Swiftech Apogee block and only cooling CPU for now. (D805 @ 4Ghz ?+?)

1/2" ID tubing w/ T-Line setup.

Will either pump fit best with any of the options above?
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  1. A full day and no answers. :cry:
  2. heave you heard of thermo chill and BIX?
    I think they are pretty good
  3. I'm using CoolingWorks CoolRad 32T triple 120mm radiator. Got for $60 at Frozencpu.com. About $40 cheaper than other famous brands but works really well. It's also swap-able fittings from 3/8" and 1/2".

    Use it for cooling only my Pentium D 840. Normally overclocked to 3.840Ghz and temps are 30c idle and 36-38c during gameplay. Also I'm using 6 fans for the radiator for push-pull set up. It's better for you to get the triple 120mm radiator in case if you want to upgrade and include the graphics card(s) and or northbridge chipset.
  4. Heater cores would work much better with the right fan setup. But some of are a bit big or wide and are tricky to install/location.
  5. Thanks guys. I see many companies have Pro and Xtreme models. Do you know if the differences remain the same between D-Tek/HW Labs/PrimoChill and the Pro/Xtreme models?
  6. Some rads are very good in heat transfer for it is made of high quality materials. Danger Den make some of the best rads for pc cooling but it is very expensive and some can go over $100 and usually have 2-3c cooler performance than lower rads. From the reviews I have read on my radiator the difference from it compare to high end rads are very small.

    But what ever brand or model you get, it is best to have a push-pull fan setup. Having one fan in the front and one in the back as exhaust, really increase the airflow dramatically, thus provide better heat exchange.

    Heater cores works better from what I've heard, but due to it's size and that it requires a bit more work for installation many will just purchase a pc radiator. You can search for heater cores at your local junkyard or Ebay.
  7. Go to your local automotive store and look for a 6 inch rad. Go online, or something similar, and buy a large fan, 140mm is a bit small. Make shroud and feet. Put on top of case. Enjoy super cool temps. Athlon 64 with 45% overclock. 3.1GHz. End transmission.
  8. for a list of heater cores I have this list hosted.
    Heater Core table

    in my rad box i made (pictures here) i used Fedco#2-342 single pass cores.
    9.5 x 6.125 x 2”

    single pass core are better due to less restriction.

    also to make sure is that what ever you decide to go with make sure is is copper based. the oil cooler listed above looked like it was aluminum but I can be mistaken.

    my 2¢
  9. Nice custom. So what's your temps and the fans on those, is it silent?
  10. I don't remember the temperature. but it was quite nice... I water cooled 2 computers at the time but stopped over a year ago... moving my PC was becoming a real pain and I like to tinker with it...

    as for noise... the fans were silent when i held them in my hand. but unfortunately they caused some vibration when mounted to the rad-box. looking back i should have done something to mount them so they weren't touching the wood directly...

    i have since taken the heater cores out and am now water cooling my current rig.. 2 120mm fans sandwiched between the 2 heater cores.
  11. I guess I am just going to look and see if there is any way I can custom mount a heatercore that looks good, my PC needs to be portable.

    You saying that the PrimoChill are going to underperform compared to HW Labs/Danger Den? I really like the $25 price tag of it, maintaining the good looks and mounting ease but being as cheap as a heatercore.
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