Wireless laptop can only connect to 1 of 2 access points

I have a Linksys PCMCIA card in my laptop (WPC54GS). I also have two Linksys Access points in my network (WAP54GX). Both access points have same SSID and one of them is set to channel 6 and the other is set to channel 1. I'm using 128b WEP encryption and the WEP key is identical for both access points and the PCMCIA card. Here's my problem, I can connect to the access point on channel 6 just fine, but it will not see or connect with the channel 1 access point when I roam or ever for that matter. The laptop is running Win XP if that helps. I also have a Win 98 laptop with a Belkin wireless card that can roam freely between the two access points and switch channels back and forth with no problem whatsoever. So I'm thinking its a Win XP problem not seeing the access point on a different channel. Hopefully this is clear and someone can help me. This is an office wireless network therefore the security encryption is necessary. Thanks for your help.
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  1. Your AP's should have different SSID's. Having the same name is causing the conflict.

    Then set MS Zero Config to auto connect.
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