athlon 64 3400+ 754 oc

any advice to help increase my oc?

the system:

amd athlon 64 3400+ 2.4 GHz 512k L2 CPU (w/ zalman CNPS7700-AlCu cooler)
ecs nforce4-A754 mobo (BIOS ver. 1.1a)
1 GB corsair xms PC3200 RAM
300 GB sata 1.5 Gbps maxtor HD
2 x 160 GB HD
external usb 250 GB HD
pci-e geforce 6600 128-bit 256MB video card (w/ zalman VF700-AlCu cooler)
allied 300W PSU (18A @ +12v)
optorite DVD-RW
pci firewire card
front bay memory card reader
6 x 80mm case fans (2 x front intake, 2 x rear exhaust, 1 x side, 1 x PSU)

the max stable oc on the cpu i've achieved is 2712 MHz (226x12, 1.5v, HT 3x, mem timings 8-3-3-3 @ 2.79v) with idle temp ~40C and under load ~52C. the voltage has been increased by 100mv, and if i increase it any more it seems to run too hot (55-56C). is the pos PSU possibly the limiting factor?

i upgraded to this cpu from a sempron 2800+ 1.6 GHz 256k L2 (oc'ed to 1.8 GHz) and honestly i was a little disappointed. the higher clock speed and larger L2 cache didn't make as much of a difference as i thought it would. but...for my computing habits i really need dual core to get the performance i'm looking for.

the 6600 is overclocked nicely, by the way. from 300 MHz core/550 MHz memory to 450 MHz core/615 MHz memory.

but...any tips or helpful criticism?
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  1. Nice Rig and OC.

    I tried many things with mine my highest was 260x11 2860Mhz and still stable but not totaly tested.

    I think you should stay with 2.7 to keep the CPU healthy untill you upgrade.

    Have you tried lowering ur timings of your ram?
    This realy could add a little more performance than just overclocking the CPU.

    I've got my FSB running @ 270x10 = 2.7Ghz - 2.7V
    gives me 38ºC Idle and 48ºC on 2h stress test (full fan speed)
    HT @ 3x = 810Mhz
    forced RAM speed down to 133 which gives me DDR380 2.5-3-3-7
    (only got crap slow kingstons)

    My rig:
    AMD 3400 Newcastle @ 2.7
    EPoX 8KDA nForce 3 250
    1GB Kingston standard
    Sparkle 6800GT @ 390mhz (arctic cooler)
    Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Alu Case
    Thermaltake Big Water SE
    Thermaltake Pure Power 500W

    PS: This is the first post I have found about overclocking a 754 3400+
  2. We have something like the same systems and what did you do to overclock the GF 6600 with out over heating... i have the GF6600 Silencer with a 120mm Fan on top of it but i dont want to over clock the core over 350 cus i dont want to blow it
  3. @spiritualdeath:
    it wasn't stable at 2.8 or higher for me. i'll just stay at 2712 MHz and try tightening the ram timings like you suggested. and yeah i hadn't found another post about overclocking the 754 3400+ either...not that it would be a popular choice, but it's working nicely for me.

    the overclock on the 6600 is definately dependent on the quality of the heat sink/fan assembly on the gpu. on my chaintech brand card with stock cooler, i could overclock to 400 MHz but not much higher. the small fan started failing on the stock cooler, so i replaced it with the zalman vf700-alcu and could easily overclock to 450 MHz. it also dropped the core temp (at idle) from ~70 degrees celsius to ~55. under load, the gpu temp is ~75 now as opposed to over 90 degrees before. i would just suggest monitoring the temp of the core (using rivatuner) while overclocking. i don't think there is much danger of frying the card if you're careful. you'll notice artifacts that will tell you the card is overheating before there is any permanent damage. good luck. for me, the overclock on this card makes all the difference. at stock frequencies i would be running most games at low quality settings instead of med/high that i enjoy now.
  4. hi guys, i have 3400+ newcastle 130nm too..
    2gb apacer ram
    390W psu
    abit nf8-v mobo

    i was wondering , how do you get 2.7ghz stable at 1.55V? because i can't even get it stable @ 1.65v 2.6ghz,i've tried memory timings,raising voltages of rams and etc,nothing helps, i can't even get to 2.7ghz cos my pc doesn't boot up or i would get blue screen error if i'd do that via windows.

    What causes this phenomenon? :o
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