New Windows SBS 2003 Server - Tough Email Problem

Ok all you geniuses out there here is a tuffy!

Have taken this over from someone so hope you can all help


Have installed a windows 2003 sbs server at site A with about 15 users. Their email is hosted at a company and the 2003 server collects the email via microsoft pop connected, email domain name is (xxxx standing for their real name obviously)

This is all working great internally and externally in the office.

They also have a site B which is in the remote country bushlands of australia, with less than dial up speeds and about 4 or 5 computers on a workgroup. They all use outlook and collect their emails via pop straight from the email hosting company using. Both site A and site B use their company domain name ( for their email addressing.

Site B can email Site A no worries, however if anyone from Site A tries to send up an email to who is using the dial up pop at Site B, the message instantly returns with a bounce back for unknown user. I know this is because the email domain is on the exchange server at site A.

So my question is how do i get site A to be able to email site B??

VPN is not an option, i have tried this and it is WAY TO SLOW. An absolute disgrace our telecommunications here in country Australia.

I look forward to hearing any replies.

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  1. What exactly do you mean by:

    Their email is hosted at a company and the 2003 server collects the email via microsoft pop connected

    Are you using sbs exchange? If you are trying to use exchange externally and also use another company for email you have a dns problem, as in you can't have two email servers with the same domain name at different locations unless you have different mx priorities, which will cause email to go to one but not the other unless the first goes offline or has a routing issue on the net. Can you explain a little better?
  2. I mean the email domain is hosted by and the SBS pop3 connector (which routes mail to exchange) collects the mail from the pop accounts

    hope that clarify's it more and you can help me out

  3. if you have your domain configured as the email might not go to your email hosted domain, dns would resolve as your sbs server and exchange would flip since the account isn't really there. Domains that aren't directly on the web should be xxxx.local how is yours setup?
  4. My domain is xxxx.local but my email addresses in exchange are (i have set the as default so that they can get their emails replied to, as if it were xxxx.local for their default address no one would be able to reply of course)

    You are correct in saying that infact my sbs server spits it because is not anywhere on the server, and you are also correct in saying it is a DNS thing, as the first dns address is off course (not an internet address) thus meaning it will only look to the server

    Any idea how to still get around this?
  5. I'd be guessing, whenever I have an exchange server, I have it do everything, never set it up with another provider, or just let it do internal and setup second account for pop with the provider but you'd need the vpn to do that correctly......hum.....let me think on it, I have a friend that does alot more with mail servers than me, I'll ask him.
  6. thanks mate
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