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I posted a few days ago about getting a new card, and I have decided upon the nvidia 7900gs. I just wanted to know what your opinions on this card are, and if there are any other cards which would suit me, around the £130 ($250) price range, as thats how much I am spending on my card.

I am a casual gamer, and want an upgrade from my integrated 6100 graphics card, just something to see me over until the end of 07 when it will be time for another upgrade.

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  1. i have the bfg overclocked version of the card which i think is one of the cheaper ones and i think ive had some of the most success witth the card compared to others. it stays cool (idles just below 40) and i have it overclocked memory @ 800 and core @ 630. i'd say go with the bfg although i like evga's warranty and upgrade policy
  2. Don't know the prices of the X1950 PRO on your side of the bowl, but it's usually a bit better over in North America, for a few extra bucks.

    Other than that caveat, the 7900 GS is a great card.
  3. Yea the main reason I was going to get the 7900gs is because it can be overclocked so easily (or so I have heard). Is it worth searching around for an pre-overclocked one, as the place I am getting it from, CCL does not stock any 256mb overclocked cards?

    I did email the website about the x1950pro, however they do not stock that card and they said they won't be able to order one specially, and therefore did not give me a quote on the price.
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