Wireless Network 5 PC's with ADSL

hi all,

you guys have been really helpful in the past, so I'm fingers-crossed here hoping that you can help me out again :) (I'll return the favour if/when I can!)

I need to solve this problem ASAP - within 2 days if possible (I leave home on Friday of this week for university).

The situation is thus:
5 PC's (3 towers, 2 laptops) all reasonably new hardware. Living in rented student accomodation and need to set up a wireless network.

We need to share files and to share a 1mb broadband connection.

Now, I've found out loads of stuff about this (Belkin's wizards are great), however there is one serious problem: <b>THEY ALL RELY ON A GATEWAY PC</b> (correct term I believe!?). That is, 1 PC has broadband in and a router out - it acts like the server that the other 4 connect to.

This isn't any good for my situation because we don't really want to leave any of our computers on 24/7 (but we may well need/want to use the internet 24/7)..

So, my question to you lot - could you recommend 6 (or more if needed) pieces of hardware that go something along the lines of:

2 PCMCIA wireless cards for the laptops
3 USB/PCI wireless cards for the towers
1 Router/adapter
1 Modem

The intended setup being that the wire comes into the house, we plug in said modem/router and thats-that..

I dont think the modem we get from the telecom will be good enough, as its intended for 1 computer use only..

the wireless speed isn't too important, so the cheaper 11mbit stuff will suffice (802.11b instead of 802.11g)

Any help is greatly appreciated,
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  1. is a wired modem or a wireless modem. If its wired then it will work fine just run the wireless router off the modem and be done with it.
  2. I'm not 100% sure, but they typically give you a modem that has a USB connection on it.

    But if the cable fits the wireless router (ethernet or USB) then we should be able to get away with just connecting the 2 directly?

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