Bried hangup with Win7

I've had to build a system with the hard drive and the CD drive on the same IDE cable. The board only had one IDE connector and the only hard drive I had at the time was an IDE drive. The other non-standard thing I did was to put only 1 memory stick in the second channel instead of a matched pair.

The system seems to do nothing for a moment sometimes when I click an icon and then the desired actions snaps in as requested. The OS was copied off of my other system that uses the same motherboard. The other system has a newer CPU and video card.

I think the hestiation I am seeing is more likely caused by the devices on the IDE cable as opposed to the CPU, RAM or video card. Obviously pulling the sole piece of RAM in channel B will be the first step. But what next if that doesn't work.

Any thoughts???

[System A: Intel D975XBX2 board, E6600 CPU, 2 GB RAM (1GB x2 in channel A, ATI 4670 PCIe Video

System B: Intel D975XBX2 board, D915 CPU, 5 GB RAM (2 GB x2 Channel A & 1 GB x1 in channel B, ATI X1300 PCIe Video]
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  1. Hang on.. You copied the OS from one system to another?
  2. Cheap pirate?
  3. marcellis22 said:
    Cheap pirate?

    If you really think about it, they are all cheap...
  4. Nothings pirated here, it's all legititimate. (

    When I said copied, I restored from a backup I made recently of the intial system after doing a fresh install of the OS, Office, etc.... I bought an identical motherboard specifically for this purpose. I've been doing it this way for years. Something I learned a long time ago. I've never had such a difference in the CPU's though. I think this is the first time I used different CPU's. At any rate I don't think the CPU difference is the issue. I had Win7 running on the old motherbaord using the same CPU and didn't see this behavior. I was running 32 bit before and it's 64 now. So I can't be absolutely sure.

    I am going to pull that sole RAM chip today and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise this weekend I guess I'll try getting another SATA drive and hope that's it.

    Thanks for the time....
  5. Wow, How'd I get in the UK forums? Hmm..

    At any rate... I pulled the sole stick of RAM in the channel B slot. That has fixed the issue. Who would have thunk it?

    Thanks for the time!!
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