Windows 8 - Network connection not working after sleep

After PC sleeps for 4 hours or so, the network connection drops. System states connected but I cannot connect to my router ( so I know there is a problem. I've disallowed computer to turn off to save energy but issue persists.

A reboot of the PC fixes the problem but I would rather not do this every time to resolve...

Network driver says it is up to date.


Thanks in advance.
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  1. There must be a setting in bios to wake up lan OR WOL, enable to wake up by mouse or key, if its not contact your MB provider for a bios update to include this feature, there are downloads. I suspect when sleep mode is activated there is nothing to wake up your lan card. YOU could try to refresh your network card rather than reboot.
    Goto, Right click on network, Change adapteer settings, right click on ethernet, properties, click on configure, advanced, scroll down to bottom WOL speed change to 100/mbs, Make sure wake on is set to enabled, or go to power management and uncheck (Allow the computer to turn off tihis device to save power
  2. Your network connection will get disconnected when the network card goes to sleep, it should reconnect after it wakes up. Most likely it is not waking up. This depends on they type of LAN card you have. For example, a USB Wireless device would not wake up until the USB ports wakes up. In general, you can work around the problem by going into control panel power settings and tell the network card not to sleep. It is a simple workaround the problem and does not address why your card failed to wake up.

    -to figure out why your card does not wake up, involves a little work. tell us what machine and card you have and it will be simpler to tell where the fault is.
    -powerecfg.exe can be used to figure out sleep state issues.

    -WOL should not be the problem. Generally WOL is used to remotely wake up a machine in a low powerstate from another machine. The netcard in the sleep state has to be awake to see the packets in order for it to trigger the power state change of the machine. (generally WOL enable causes machines to wake up unexpectedly)
  3. I'm having a related issue to that reported by moperry. I am running Windows 8 Pro 64-bit on a Dell Latitude E5530. I have a Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit adaptor. When I start my computer from a shutdown the NIC is not detected. When I do a warm reboot it will then be detected and I can connect as usual. This computer came with Windows 8 installed and has been working fine until last Friday. So far I've not been able to find a solution. Any advice? Yes...a few updates were installed on 6/20...perhaps that's the problem. My driver is up to date. I just installed the new one this morning.
  4. If you have the intel adapter 82579V, then Windows 8 misidentifies this as a different adapter upon awake. Here is the fix from Intel:
  5. jjtv said:
    If you have the intel adapter 82579V, then Windows 8 misidentifies this as a different adapter upon awake. Here is the fix from Intel:

    Low and behold, I have this exact issue and that exact card on my Asus Rampage IV Extreme. Weird that the problem didn't show up immediately. I'm actually running 8.1. I will give this patch a try and see what happens
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