Antec 180 and Tuniq Tower 120

Will a Tuniq Tower 120 cooler fit well in an Antec 180b case?
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  1. I would say emailing Antec would probably answer your question better than most, they can tell you the exact space you have available inside your case minus the mobo itself.
  2. I hope so because I just bought both on Saturday. Unfortunately, I am still waiting to order the motherboard I want so I won't be able to know for sure until then. I figured I can always sell it back if it doesn't fit.
  3. I guess part of it depends on teh mobo and where it places the cpu socket.
    I havn't heard anyone complain that is didn't fit if that helps any...
    I have a P180 case and there is plenty of room...
  4. It will.

    The P180 is 8.1"(W), 8.1*2.54 = 20cm
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