Worth getting 7900GTO's in SLI with my rig?

Hi guys, I just bought the following setup and was wondering what kind of benefits I would see throwing in another 7900GTO.

Asus M2N32-SLI
AM2 4200+
2Gigs OCZ DDR2 800
MSI 7900GTO@650/1600

I'm really wondering if it'd be worth dropping another $350CA to get the SLI GTO's
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  1. Hard to say. You'd probably get better performance by selling your 7900 GTO and getting a single 8800 GTS...
  2. I’m running two 7900GT’s so I don’t know if you would see the same kind of performance increase, but I saw a 2000+ increase in 3D ’05 & ’06 and on the F.E.A.R settings test @1024x768 with all the other settings maxed out I get 76fps with a single card and in Sli mode I get 114 fps, if those are the sort of increases that you are expecting and are willing to pay your $350CA for then the rest is up to you.
  3. Thanks for the info mousemonkey. I'm not gonna be jumping on the DX10 bandwagon right away. Gonna wait for a revision or two.
  4. It's not really about the Dx10 bandwagon though, is it? Dx10 has little to do with it.

    It's about the best performance for the dollar in today's games.
    I think the 8800 would probably give you that more than two 7900 GTOs.

    Dx10 would be just a bonus, in addition to that SLI presents it's own challenges and requirements. Plus, with the next gen cards coming out now, the 7900 GTOs will drop in price pretty quick, and a single 8800 would give you upgrade space to SLI in the future...

    Ah well, it's your money, but if I were you I'd take a long hard look at the benches.
  5. You are most welcome. :)
  6. I would consider getting a 8800GTS if I could sell my current GTO for a good amount of money. But I have my doubts in that happening. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Ebay?
  8. Yeah, I'd look at the 8800GTS or even consider throwing a little more money towards the 8800GTX. It's guaranteed to be faster than two 7900GTOs in everything.
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