Zalman CNPS7700 120mm with asus p5b-e

I want to use a zalman 7700 on an asus p5b-e but those motherboards aren't listed on zalman's compatability page...has anyone used this cooler with this motherboard? I'm going to use it in a cooler master centurion 5 so there should be plenty of room.

Anyone have any experience with that cooler on a p5b-e.

Also does anyone think the all copper version is worth the extra money? I'm staying away from it because I don't plan on overclocking that much and the all copper one is apparently too heavy according to intel's specs.
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  1. No experience with Zalman, put I just put a Artic Freezer Pro on my p5b-e and it works like a charm, in case you are looking at alternatives.
  2. I think the Northbridge cooler is a little too close to the CPU socket, and with out knowing the exact height of it I'm going to say it would not work. Plus I own a 7700cu and its quite but the fan on mine is prone to making a clicking noise.

    I think any heatsink with a 92mm fan should work but im guessing you want a heatsink with a 120mm fan, so you could try and track down a Thermalright SI-120 or SI-128 due to I think those have a best chance of working with this motherboard.

    *Note you need to buy a fan, Panaflo is normally recommended but Scythe fans with Fluid Dynamic Bearings would also be a great alternative. And you might also have to buy the adapter for Intel 775 also.

    Also on that thought plan on replacing the front 80mm fan in that case due to its a noisy piece of crap, but the 120mm rear fan is relatively high quality tho. Yes I have actually have a 7700cu in a Centurion 5. One more word of warning its hard to keep wiring neat inside that case, plus the one with out the side window has much a better cooling setup. But for the price its still a great buy.
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