Toasted HDD or not?

I sold my old comp to a business associate (I don't have the specs at all right now, I should update when I get the system back to troubleshoot) and he told me that the HDD crashed. He says that upon power-up, the system just hangs and the monitor goes back to sleep mode (no beeps he says, but I dont trust him).

I am not thinking this is a HDD problem, maybe more of a burnt out vid card or ram stick. I am going to have to completely strip it to test, but it will be worth not giving him his $700 back imo.

From all your expertise, and the very little info I have given you (I'm sorry, like I said I will update later this week), what do you guys think that the issues could be?
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  1. If the hdd died, then it would also experience similar symptoms, but uh... rule of thumb, you never give your hdd away unless your absolutely certain there is nothing sensitive on there...

    Otherwise, ask him if he has a windows installation cd and if that works. If it does, then you know it's hdd, if not, then it could be gpu/memory/mobo... you'd have to go from there, troubleshoot each individual part...
  2. Dead drives do not behave this way. There is something else going on, but it is possible there is MBR corruption in which you would get a response of rebooting or some text. Check the other components. If there is no POST you can rule the HDD out for now, gatta crawl before you can boot.

    PS. That will be 10 percent please lol
  3. I agree that this does NOT seem like an HDD problem. I would say more likely a memory or Vid Card problem. A good way to check, and a good tool to have, it to use either a Bootable Linux CD, or a bootable WinPE CD to boot the system and check. THese CDs don't use the HDD, so if it doesn't work, you know the problem is not the HDD. If it does, there are usually some diagnostic tools included to help you troubleshoot the HDD.
  4. Well guys, it was as we suspected.....atcually much more hilarious!

    I get the tower, and I look inside and see something kind of funny. Now to explain the humour, I must first add that I was told that the owners bf is a computer wiz, and he diagnosed the HDD failure.

    But ya, I open her up and the ram is hanging half out of it's DIMM slot. I snap it in, and power it up.....poof all is good.

    Ppl are smart I guess.
  5. No, People are Sheep... :twisted:

    Not that that is relevant here :wink:
  6. You sold it to a girl? Is she hawt?

    I keed I keed...
  7. As a Side note, 90% of the "Computer Whizzes" I've met wouldn't know a Hard Drive from a hole in the ground.
  8. Heh, those are the same people who sell things at Best Buy and CompUSA... know nothing except marketing speak...

    My sig has the best quote for these kind of people.
  9. Very much so.
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