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Hello all

will the Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer Accelero X2 fit on my Sapphire X1950XT?

Im fed up with the stock cooler that sounds like a dodgy old hair dryer with knackered bearings

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  1. Thankyou.

    I was concerned that there might have been a physical difference between the 1900 and 1950.

    Thanks again
  2. Yes it will fit your video card.
    The concern that i have about this heatsink is that it recirculates the air back into the case and blows the hot air into the motherboard, rather than blowing it out the back. It also heats up the rest of the system. HOT :oops: HOT.
  3. Thanks for the info.

    I have one now and it fitted perfectly. I hard wired it to a molex so that it would run at a constant 100%.

    It certainly does make raise the internal temp so I have fitted a fan below the graphic card as an extractor and it seems to be working OK. Im still able to run my 6600 at 3.1 on stock cooling 34 idle - 50 load (but with all my fans running turned upto 100% my case sounds like a hovercraft)

    My GPU idle temps have dropped to about 34 deg C and I can clock upto the max that catalyst offers now (690/ 950 I think) however at that GPU clock my 36marks score drop. I find I get the best scores at about 668.

    Thanks for the advice.
  4. Quote:
    (but with all my fans running turned upto 100% my case sounds like a hovercraft)

    i doubt that, my robotics team built a hovercraft, and it sounds more like a really flatulent person, we called it flatulent eddie, and it carries our robot, fast eddie.

    in other news, you should try getting one of the atitool betas to see if they work and overclock past that, the mem should make 2 ghz

    i will soon be putting that same cooler on that same card, so it sounds like good news
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