Great Network Problems :?


We have a 400 desktop network - Windows XP & Win2K - and have had major network outrages due to faulty cable (carpenter working on a table cut through the cable).

We are clean of viruses and trojans and the like.

We have a pair of Cisco 3750s at the core with Dell PowerConnect at the access layer

Both have broadcast storm control enabled.

We have a number of VLANs defined on the 3750s to isolate network traffic.

But a faulty network cable still seems to bring down all the VLANs.

How can we protect against this?


Best wishes
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  1. If the cable is a main trunk then I could see if taking it down but a single cable to 1 computer shouldnt.
    As for main trunk lines you could try running redundant connections and use STP to block those connections untill a break is detected.
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