P5N32 reboots solution

To all of those having to tear your hair out due to reboots from your P5N32 motherboard, I only have one suggestion, remove the heat sinks from the North Bridge and South Bridge, clean and use some fresh thermal paste, preferably Arctic Silver, don't forget to apply some to the chips under the heat sink fins. My problems ended when I did this, where before it used to reboot constantly, now it does not. It appears that when installing the CPU, due to the force applied to the board (if you are not careful), it may crack the dry thermal paste applied to these boards at Asus.

Conroe 6300 (at 2240 MHz)
1 GB Gskill pc5400
SLI Geforce 6800 Ultra (x2)
600 PSU

One more thing, this board hates heat!, keep it cool.
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  1. did you install the MB into a Lian Li

    Heat pipes dont work upside down...

    I learnt the hard way

    oh and when you do lap the hsf its actually copper the silver stuff is like paint!!!

    oh and its good to have a case fan near that hot NB too btw

    when your NB is too hot you just hang forever in windows...
  2. ??? :?
  3. do you have the same MB as me?

    P5N32 SLI SE?

    The thermal paste they use is a kina glue, its not even a paste as such.
  4. Hey wun911,
    Yes, it is, and you're right the thermal "stuff" used at Asus, is a kind of glue, in fact some of it (the one under the small chips under the fins) looks like pink chewing gum.

    I guess that we learn something new each day, I found out what "Lian Li " is, thanks.
  5. The easiest way to clean off the glue stuff is to use a fine grit sandpaper and lap your HSF.

    You will see your HSF is actually copper not silver!

    I recomend you use some AS5 and cover the four little black mofsets and your NB.

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