5.25" Bay Fan Mounting. Need Hardware Suggestion.

I am looking for a 5.25" Bay Fan Mounting. Currently with my setup, I have a direct air flow from my 2 empty bottom bays, back through my CPU Heatsink, and out the rear exhaust fan . CPU cooling has become a problem in my case, as I have a rear exhaust positioned behind the CPU, and the exhaust provided by my PSU to my CPU, but no direct cool air intake. I have a 120mm fan for my bottom front intake, but in my Full tower case, an intake fan at the bottom has little effect on the top 1/3 of the case (I've temped it while running and idle and it seems all the air is being used to cool my GPU and is ambient case temperature by the time it reachs the top half of my case).

Of the fan mountings that I've seen, the only one that provides a direct air flow (not directing it down to the HDD's or up to the optical drives) is made by Scythe: http://www.scythe-usa.com/product/acc/008/sckb1000_detail.html
The problem w/ this unit is that it requires 3 empty bays (where I only have 2) inorder to direct the airflow directly back. I am a big fan of the 120mm fan, though several 80mm fans would do the trick.

Currently, as it is set up, I have one of the bottom bay covers/bezels removed, and a noticeable amount of air is entering from this opening. Since I still have these covers, I have the option of making a duel+ 80mm fan mounting, but it definitely won't look good.

Here is a image of my current setup. Please be aware that the arrows size has absolutely zero relation to their function or design of the fan (just the results of a horrible artist using Paint).

Everything is pretty self explanatory. Although it is hard to see my Video Card, but trust me it's there. Since its a direct side view, it is a little hard to determine depth, but the majority of the cables are out of the way (except that pesky round IDE cable, which needs to be replaced w/ a longer version). You can barely distinguish my PSU Fan, but its directly above my CPU.

This is a pretty good representation of the direction I plan to move air through my case. Again the IDE cable is in the way, but it's going to be moved. Also the CPU Heatsink and Fan are being replaced by Thermaltake's SilentTower: (http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/produc...5/cl-p0025.asp)
This new CPU Heatsink and Fan will help direct the air out the back of the case, as I assume I can aim it directly back.

Sorry for those of you who have viewed my post on another forum. I have received some very good ideas on how to design and build my own mounting, but i am looking for more of a finished/refined (consumer) product that will complement my case's appearance (and i am also looking for a filtered unit, as this intake has the potential to make my case very dusty)
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  1. build this lots of air flow
  2. Negative Pressure- Right now, as it stands, my case produces a negative pressure (120mm exhaust and PSU exhaust vs. 120 mm Intake (slower than the 120mm exhaust fan)). If I do find a adequate 5.25" Bay Intake fan, I will have to invest in an exhaust near my GPU (maybe a Arctic NV Silencer 5, as I am planning to upgrade to a BFG Geforce 6800 OC) in order to maintain my negative pressure. Although there is a second 120mm fan mounting at the back of my case that I am not utilizing, and could be used instead of a GPU cooler (same goal, different effect).
    In response to Gomerpile's remarkable mod:
    I am looking for a slightly less severe mod, where I could actually make use of my current case, and setup. I would be a little afraid to install those large High RPM fans, due to the significant amount of EMI they produce (I've had a problem w/ Electromagnetic Interference before in another case setup.... it's not fun, and was hard for me to diagnose (I actually found out, only by the fact that a card reader I had sitting next to the machine refused to read any cards, a major effect of EMI radiation). But in your case, the wood around your machine might help insulate against the radiation, although it will also provide you with a significant amount of thermal insulation if you ever seal your setup.
    Also, I would love to install an exhaust fan at the top of the case, but I really don’t have the time or skills to invest in that project (I really don’t have any tools that will cut Al cleanly). Instead of risking scarring my case, I could simply install an exhaust fan in the upper section of my case side. This would allow me to simply replace the side panel if I made a mistake instead of replacing the entire case (this is assuming Antec provides case side replacements, which I doubt).

    But I think you are right, I doubt i need the intake fan in the bay. Although in conjunction with a direct duct to my CPU and RAM, it would provide a significant amount of directed cool air to these regions. Also a commercial unit might come with the option of a dust filter (I live in Eastern Colorado, and the dry air produces alot of dust), although I am pretty sure I can create a suitable filter for any proposed home made setup.
  3. I'll 2nd mp's remark about the pressure. How do you know you're not getting enough airflow, anyway? What are your SYS temps? Hot air rises, so it's not surprising to get hotter temps at the top of the case. I bet a good new CPU hsf will do the trick. I did look at a review for the Thermaltake you mentioned, and it suggested *against* using it on an AMD CPU because of mounting problems: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article201-page3.html
    You can also consider getting a more powerful 120mm exhaust fan for the back of your case.
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