How do i update my Asus P5B Deluxe WIFI Bios?

SUP, i have a new mobo and i would like to update my BIOS to the newest version, I've never done this before so i would like some info on how to update the bios or some tricks on it.

P.S. i found some programs that will allow me to update the BIOS from windows, i was wondering if they will work too.

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  1. First go to ASUS' website and download the latest BIOS (804). Save it someplace convenient like the desktop or My Documents and be sure to unzip it. Open up the ASUS updater, assuming you have it installed, and in the dropdown list select "update BIOS from file" or something similar. When it asks for the file, send it to the unzipped file. It will bring up a window with your current BIOS and the new BIOS compared and you select "flash BIOS" or similar. You will have to reboot. Upon reboot, you will need to setup your BIOS again because it should now be at default settings.
  2. SWEET... thanx alot man l8er
  3. windows program is the easiest but if windows crash while you update your bios your farked...

    better to make boot up disk..
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