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I have pc-6400 ddr2-800 memory and from what little I know about OCing, I need to get my FSB to 400 to get my memory at 800mhz. I would like to know how is this better than ddr2-667 if my FSB is not even CLOSE to 400? (I think I have it at around 370).

Is my memory overkill?
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  1. Lower the latencies in the bios? I didn't know I could do that. What will that do to my system?

    BTW, a question I don't know if you've seen me ask elsewhere...you may have even responded...

    My temps were high...mid-upper 40's idle, 60-62 under load (dual instances of Prime95, and stable). I had the bios tweaks per Wusy's sticky. I changed my c1e and speedstep to "auto" and lowered my overclock from 3.18ghz (which was not Prime95 stable on core 1) to 3.15 ghz which is prime95 stable and my temps dropped 10 degrees. Now I know my temps were high but within specs, but I'd much rather have the lower temps. Am I limited to my current OC of 3.15ghz without higher temps? If I have my voltages at manual I get hotter temps as the voltage increases, right?

    If I was to go to FSB of 400 and get 3.6ghz I wonder what voltages I would need and what temp my system would be at?

    (I tried it but my system crashed and I never increased the voltage to try again.)
  2. Quote:
    I wouldn't set "speedstep" to Auto, because it will lower voltages, and clock speeds to run cooler, and save power. So it can change few things.

    I can change "speedstep" to manual since you recommend it, but can I leave my C1e at auto?

    I guess I can go back to my manual settings (where I had my "hot" system at 3.2ghz) and lower the voltages a notch at a time until I am comfortable with the temps and prime95 stable.

    It's just annoying to wait for the reboot, change the vcore, run prime95 and wait an hour, then go back to bios and change the other voltages, and repeat. Of course I don't have to do it all in one day.

    Thanks so much!
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