What should I do!?(pics included)

I got a dell xps400/9150 and I don’t intend to renew my damn warranty(200 bucks)....I prefer to expend it on my pc, but here’s my problem. What do I do?

a) Buy a new case? and if I do how do I adapt the Mobo from dell to it?
b) Buy a new Mother board? and adapt it to the dell case? and how do I do it?
c) Do like that crazy kid in Europe and grow weed in my comp.. And sell it, so I can buy a new one? lol
d) Buy ram??

My specs are:

DualCore Intel Pentium D 820, 2800 MHz (14 x 200)
1024 MB (DDR2-533 DDR2 SDRAM)
NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT (256 MB)
160 g hard drive
SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card
Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
Sennheizer HD497 headphones
4.1 creative speakers
2.1 Sony huge speakers
...thats it...I think.

This is as close as I have got to mod my pc....lol :oops: :lol:

And yeah, sorry if I got bad grammar....english is my second lenguage.
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More about what pics included
  1. d) buy the ram
    the case looks good, vid card is not bad :D ....over all its a pretty good system. money would be more wisely spent on the memory. (just get a matching set that is already in the system)(1024 MB (DDR2-533 DDR2 SDRAM). :) "nice looking case is good, but, performance is better :!: "

    then again the weed part...hummmm :!: :!: :!: :D cheers
  2. I too have an old (older than yours, dimension 4550) dell that I would like to mod. I don't believe that the motherboard will fit in a normal ATX case. You would probably have to drill new holes in the new case, which would probably not be a good idea.

    I would first:
    -buy more ram.
    -buy a new case and try the dell mobo
    -buy a new motherboard, install dell parts into mobo and put into new case
    -NOT try to grow weed in your computer.

    I am considering modding my dell case or at least getting a new case and motherboard and adding in the old dell parts. The case I have sucks since there is almost NO airflow whatsoever.
    I have to open up the front flap in order for the computer to stop whining when the pc is under load. That is where the intake for the pc is and it is COVERED when the lid is closed. STUPID DELL !!

    O well.

    If you want to build a pc, that's awsome and it's great experience. try it if you are considering modding the dell and if you have some money.

  3. Those are BTX component(mobo/case). I don't even know if it's actual BTX or a special implementation of it. Most of BTX case are pretty expensive.
    Almost 0 channel motherboard where made for BTX, don't know where you might buy one...

    I would grow weed myself but whatever.

    Do you really need to spend 200$ does your game/overall experience is not nice enough?
    Thats some pretty basic ram you got, it would work fine with a Core 2 duo though. I would suggest keeping the money unless something is wrong and invest it down the road in a NON DELL computer =)

    Oh and WOW can benefit from 2 gig...just saying, if that WOW your playing/unsure
  4. Yeh, that case opens from the wrong side. I don't Know if it's BTX or not but I wouldn't mess with it. One thing that always scares me is the 10 cent chinese power supplies that these oem's use. dell, hp, gateway etc. there all the same. If I was going to drop a little cash on that pc I would upgrade the power supply. Caution: Wiring on non dell PS may not be the same check a new one pin for pin before plugging it in or you might roast everything. I heard (never confirmed) that they were wired differently to force you to buy Dell branded replacement.
  5. Actually my bro keeps telling me to go for the ram, because it would help our fps in gaming.....I keep telling him that it wont(but to tell you the truth I am not sure :oops: )...and if it does it would be like 1% and its not worth it.
    Our other choice was to move from audigy 2 to x-fi...but yeah its great and all that but I prefer waiting for the next audio card from creative to arrive... don’t even know if its coming but anyway that’s it, what do you my fellow pc gamers suggest? :wink:

    :? Another choice is buying the wii but it’s almost impossible to get one now and even harder if you don’t live in USA, I think I am goanna have to wait some time before it’s available. ( 8O I wonder if I can grow weed in a Wii…mm that would be interesting, let me contact Nintendo and ask them and ill let you know)

    Maybe Ill end up saving the money for a future pc, coz I don’t see a better option. :?

    Thanks for all the post….and if you have better suggestions don’t hesitate to tell me. :D
  6. Oh, and also confirm the correct form factor. You may need to break out the dremel.
  7. I suggest to wait or a get a Wii, that way this computer will need to be changed entirely at some point =)
  8. With quad-core CPUs and DX10 around the corner, I wouldn't upgrade anything at the moment. You have a decent PC; it should do you well for another 1-2 years. If anything, upgrade the RAM now, and then a new video card in ≈1 year.

    Then again, the weed option looks mighty tempting :wink:
  9. Either RAM, wait for more cash to do a semi-new build,


    Depending on where you live, I would also vote for the weed suggestion. Although, it would be hard (impossible) to buy the start-up gear necessary for $200.

    If you're country's laws regarding marijuana growth are even close to what they are here in Canada, you have about a 5% chance of getting jail time if you get caught and only if its not your first offense. And, if you were planning on growing a very small amount like that dude in Europe, I don't think the cops would even bother pressing charges, they would just confiscate and leave.
  10. :wink: I should change the name of this post to:

    a) how to build a weed growing pc and get away with it!
    b) How to get the pc you want with weed and don’t get jail time.
    c) weed/pc 101
    d) Growing weed in a computer for dummies

    L :lol: L!
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