My computer won't boot past the windows xp splash screen???

I cannot reach my desktop, the computer has been running fine until just the other night I turned it on and it just powered down at the winxp splash screen and I cannot reach my desktop. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. No I haven't installed any new hardware, I only play a few games and the computer is basically used sparingly. It just started to do this now no desktop whatsoever. The power supply is an antec TP2 550, mobo, asus socket 939 premium sli board, Ati x850xt Pci express , AMD 3700 san diego Proc , aspire case.
  2. Sorry no new software either. :oops:
  3. First see if you can boot into safe-mode. If not, try a chkdsk from the winxp recovery console (boot from your xp disc). If necessary, try a recovery install. If that fails, gear up cause you have some spyware to fight :? Or if you don't have any data worth saving, just do a fresh install of WinXP.
  4. Thank you guys for the replies. I will check some of these things and hopefully it will help, will post again with any news .
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