Anything to say about IBUYPOWER.COM?

I am looking to buy a system from IBUYPOWER.COM
Does anyone have anything to say about them? Do you know of other forums I can check. There was nothing here about them good or bad.
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  1. Check <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Apple? Macintosh? What are these strange words you speak?
  2. I bought a machine from them in mid december, finnaly arrived mid january, DOA, RMA'ed the machine back only to get it DOA again, and for a refund they require YOU pay the shipping
  3. This thread is from 01.....

    Take a look posting people!!!!!
  4. i've read alot of bad stories about them and it's clones aswell as some a few good ones.
    many people said that they had problems with the shipping, that it took about 3 weeks, that some components were in bad conditions when it arrived then they called customer support and no one answered and much more.

    i was just about to buy one from them because they had pretty good prices compared to other OEMs, but after reading all that i decided just to build the computer myself

    i don't know if they're really as bad as people says but i rather not to take the risk then loose my money
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