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The problem really involves his network card and the network we have running. I will be very specific. I am running 2 computers through a hub and both are sharing a cable modem for internet access. When we first setup the network, we got both of our card's MAC addresses registered with the cable company and all was fine... Until my friend got a virus and he wanted me to reinstall windows 98 for him. So, I reinstalled windows for him. I installed everything I needed.. however the network card didnt seem to be able to see the rest of the network(my computer and the internet) so I was like oh crap, I really messed up... so I started to look under the network adapters and protocols I have installed. netbuei, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX... it has everything needed to see the network. The I put in the roadrunner disc and it sets up the internet service for the computer.. it says the card is working and all, but it says that the card is working properly and is set for DHCP but is unable to release/renew an IP address. So I am at my wits end and my friend keeps asking me what I am going to do with his computer... I whisper to myself, pray to god somebody steals it before I have to look at it again... but I told him I would find out something so I beg you all information =)
I have tried entering in a static IP address but I am unable to ping the computer, but when I go to start->search->->computer and enter in the name the computer doesnt come up. These computers are connected through a regular 5 port hub with the fifth port used for the cable modem. I had this working a few days ago before I had to reinstall windows for him. I thought the problem may be the windows installation may have corrupted some files so I reinstalled it again, but no luck. Then I told him that his network card wasnt working because I had no idea really, so he bought a new network card but to no avail. If you have any suggestions at all, I would really appreciate it.
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  1. First, I'm assuming you registered the old NIC's MAC address with your ISP so they could setup a DHCP reservation for you (basically it looks like a static IP address.) Thus, if you put a new NIC in and didn't register it yet, you won't be able to get an IP address becuase the MACs won't match. Second, are you getting link and activity lights on both the NIC and hub ends?

    What error do you get when you try to release/renew? (I'm assuming you're using 'winipcfg'.) When you set a static address, make sure you have the default gateway and subnet mask right.

    I'd start by getting updated drivers for your original NIC.

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  2. First I found out that the network card was not to blame. I tried using the old card and it had all the right components... Everything is like ti was before I re-installed windows except for I put in new memory... but I dont understand how memory could effect the networking of a computer. If this could then let me know. But when I try to run winicnfg I get this error when I try to release and renew an IP... when I release it says "IP address is already released" and then when I try to renew it says "Error DHCP Server Unavailable: Renewing Adapter" In the drop down box it has the Linksys LNE 100TX Fast Etherbet in it... But these are nothing like my settings on the computer that works. We both run windows 98 and I have checked every setting for networking I can but I am coming up with nothing. Any other suggestions? If I could even get it to work just on the home network without even going to the internet, it would be fantabulous! Thanks in advance.
  3. Remove the cable modem for the time being, and just set up the PCs with static IPs. Use and for the PCs (or whatever) and nothing for the gateways. Make sure the workgroups are the same and the computer names are different (all in networking properties). If you can get a connection across (ping, share files, etc..) you'll know the NICs and hub are fine. Then add the cable modem and let the cable company know about the MAC address change (and change back to DHCP of course)...

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