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Apple app for windows

Is there a possibility you can run an Apple app on a windows pc?
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  1. Safari runs just fine on Windows. So do iTunes and Quicktime. All these apps are published by Apple.
  2. that is true, but i mean apps from the app store from iTunes
    I found an amazing brain 3d app, but I wonder if it will ever work..
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    Do you mean apps for iPhone/iPodTouch?

    No, applications written for iOS will not run under Windows. They won't run on OSX, either. Nor Linux, Android, or any other OS.

    With few, very rare exceptions, applications must be run on the operating system for which they were written.
  4. In theory it could possibly be tweaked and rebuilt by the developer, and the use of Intel chips by Apple helps matters, but in practice then the OSes just provide too different an interface for it to be an easy job unless it is a really simple app.

    What you would basically need is either use of standard libraries across all OSes (like .Net/Mono) or an entire interoperability layer (like Wine on Linux for running Windows apps) plus complete ports of any libraries that it needs (Carbon/Quartz/etc). If the app is written in a way that ties it to OS X then it isn't a simple job by any stretch of the imagination.
  5. I think running Mac OS X on a virtual machine is your only option.

    A lot of hassle just for one application. Isn't there anything similar for Windows?
  6. Apple may use Intel CPUs in their laptop/desktop/server lines but iOS runs on ARM, not x86. Even Wine requires that the host OS be running on x86 hardware to run x86 Windows executables.
  7. their is a project called iEMU which is about working of ios apps on windows or android .

    i think their is a beta avalable i had but was probabally fake........:(
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