Webcam not working on Yahoo Messenger with Windows 7

I have just installed the latest Yahoo Messenger (version 9) on a new Windows 7 (x64) platform, and I can't get my webcam to work. All I get when I try --> Messenger --> My webcam is a black screen. My webcam seems to be correctly connected and installed on my PC with the latest drivers ("The device is working"). And I can use my webcam with other applications, like Skype, on Windows 7, with no problems. I use a desktop PC with a USB webcam.

By the way, I can see the video image from the webcams of my YM contacts when I am in a video conversation with them. So, no problem the other way.

I have also tried to un-install/re-install both the webcam (Windows 7 re-installs it automatically) and YM. I have also gone through all the camera settings in YM. But still no chance.

I have already searched the Net, and I found several other YM users reporting the same problem when they try to use their webcam with YM on Windows 7, but I could not find any solution.

Is there a well known problem related to the use of a webcam with YM on Windows 7 ?

Could someone help me ?
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  1. Have you tried downgrading back to say YM version 8?
  2. No, in fact, I upgraded from YM v.9 to v.10 (which makes me realize that what I wrote in my OP was slightly incorrect since, at the time I posted it, the last version of YM was already v.10). For sure, I have the problem on YM v.9 and v.10.

    I can try to downgrade to v.8 and check, if I can find this v.8...
  3. I have now tried YM v.8 : the problem is still here.

    Any idea anyone ?
  4. Don't know if this helps or confuses the issue, but I am looking to buy a webcam for my new upgrade to Win 7 x64... Seems no one will guarantee a webcam to work with the x64....
  5. Hi!
    I have the same problem, but with Windows Vista and my YM for sure is not the latest. The camera works with Skype, but with YM - black screen. Did you solve this problem? Thanks.
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