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Where can I get this old M/S standby? I lost it when I had to re-install Win7 several times over.
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  1. you need to be more specific? What do you mean M/S standby? if you mean sleep then click the start button, for vista&7 click on the arrow next to shutdown and select sleep. for xp click turn off and then click standby. if thats not what you mean tell me more.
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    Wonder44 - he is referring to solitare.

    Click on Start

    Control Panel


    Programs and features

    On the left side click on Turn windows features on or off

    You will see "Games" at the top. Click on the + sign and select SOL.

    Click OK.

    This should install.
  3. Thanks Chainzsaw - I'll try that - Just returned from hols, hence delay in responding
  4. Many thanks Chainzsaw - have done that and got it to work. Brilliant, now I can fill in the spare minutes when my owner isn't watching!!!
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