Buying the 8800 GTS, new processor needed?, help please...

I just decided "what the heck" and bought the 8800 GTS.

my question is about my processor.

I am confident with my other system specs, so they are not important. but currently i have an AMD 64 3200+. Is it stupid of me to spend that much money on an 8800 GTS when i have this processor? I dont want the card to run much slower because of my processing power.

so what should i do? Spend the money to upgrade to a dual core processor?
or should a game like Crysis look amazing enough with the processor i have now?

also, if i was to upgrade, what is a recommended processor that wouldnt bottleneck the 8800 GTS too much (in a reasonable price range)?

Any helpful suggestions are welcome..
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  1. I dont think it matters much, heck im in the same situation you are, im going to buy an 8800GTS this weekend but i also was fearing my P4 630 3.0ghz wouldn't be able to handle it but in reality all you gotta do is make you sure you put more Pressure on your GFX card(by using High resolutions and settings) so your CPU wont bottleneck.

    Here ill give you an article about Gaming performance and different CPU's.
  2. that 3200+ is really choking that GTS....
  3. I Don`t see any Bottleneck Here... 8)
  4. I remember reading an article saying that using a 1900xt or higher and anything less than a 2.0ghz athlon would stunt the gpu.It was either Tomz or anand.Dont know what your 3200 is running at,but 2.0 is bottom line.Higher WILL get you better fps
  5. A faster processor will make a difference, but it won't be earth shattering.

    If all you do is game, it might not be worth it, at least until you find a game that runs too slow on your rig as it is...
  6. Depends on what resolution you're playing at, and what game you're playing. Higher resolutions require more and more from the GPU, but mostly the same from the CPU, compared to lower resolutions. Some games require more CPU power than others. If you're playing at 1600x1200 or better, I think you're going to get a lot of performance out of the 8800GTS. If you're playing at lower res, you might want to go study some bench-systems and see if your money would be better spent on a new processor.
  7. On a similar note - I would be more concerned with your powersupply than that CPU. Depending on your build your PS may be woefully underpowered (assuming from the era of that CPU.)

    It should power up well enough, but will reach optimal performance with the proper amount of juice. Check out the xfxforce website - they have a nice explaination.

    Also check out the nVidia site on SLI - for a list of their approved power supplies for SLI - it will give you a good idea of what to look for should you need a new PS - or wish to go SLI with this technology.

    On an additional tangent - if you add this new 'hot' card (read 'hot' literally as heat) you will want to monitor your temps before installation and after to see if you may have a termal concern.

  8. For now you are ok.
    Expect problems if you play anything that requires more than Oblivion. Such as Crysis. Maybe HalfLife 2 expansion 2.
    Also, never skimp on the PSU.
  9. thanks for your help everyone.

    yeah, i am getting a new power supply. thats not what i am worried about.

    I am just trying to figure out what processor i should buy. From the feedback here and on other forums, most people think i should get a new CPU.

    anyone have a suggestion or a good deal?

    i want to buy one that will keep me from any problems in the future. i.e. crysis. but of course i would like to get something cheaper than the best or the most expensive. Money is an issue here.
  10. I don't have any suggestions on what processor you should buy from where, but you should definitely do it right now if you plan to at all... Socket 939 processors are increasing in price, now that AMD has slowed production... if you wait, it'll probably be cheaper just to get a whole new motherboard and a comparable AM2/AM2+/AM3 processor.
  11. Quote:
    get an x2 3500 or 3800 at least,the fps will raise substantially

    Not really. Games are about single threaded clockspeed, you won't see much performance increase in today's games with an X2 over an Athlon64.

    In most cases, a higher-clocked single core will beat out a lower clocked dual core in games.
  12. Quote:
    get an x2 3500 or 3800 at least,the fps will raise substantially and you should have sufficient power to work with that 8800. i would rather suggest a 4000+x2 or better but it depends on your budget.

    It will only add couple hundred MHz. No big deal. Might add 1 framerate, but it won't be a worthy difference.
  13. Quote:
    so it will increase fps.

    Not really, unless you render video files whil you play.

    Check the benches dude.
  14. No need to feel dumb, it's a common misconception.

    Unless there are multiple threads running at the same time - say, encoding an MP3 or something WHILE the game is played - most games will show no increase in performance with dual core. In fact, most will run faster with a single core 2.2 Ghz single core over a 2.0 Ghz dual core.

    Games have to be specifically coded to take advantage of multiple cores. The only one I can think of offhand in use today is Oblivion. Even in those games, the graphic card is more of a bottleneck than the processor.

    This will change in the future as new engines are released, but it won't be a real concern for gamers until a few months go by at the very least...
  15. valve seems to be leading the way on that one...
  16. Heres some benchies: Dont know if this will be consistant or not,especially with the 8800.Let us know.And check the whole article,they use the same athlon,they just underclock it if I remember right,and it does show a cpu wall,tho this may have a lil to do as Cleeve said that it is somewhat multithreaded,seeing the improvements with the dual cores
  17. Thanks,being as I owned and use a 3700+,this article helped me to decide to get my 1900xt.Now just waiting for r600 and gen2 dx10 and maybe c2d or maybe c2q
  18. I have several 939 chips. I didn't read anything about what motherboard, or what memory you have. Both will make an impact on performance. If you have dual channel memory, pc3200/400, or better, you're in good shape. I'd suggest getting a 4800 or an opteron equivelant. I think it's a 180 chip. Both identicle in performance, and will "liven" up your system over that 3200........ 3200 was my first amd chip.... still going strong.................
  19. That 3000+ isnt ddr2 is it?Havnt kept up with am2.But if no ocing,then thats it there,unless its a am2
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