Logitech MX510 right moue button sticking

Hi all,
I bought a refurbished Logitech MX510 from ebay three months ago and now the right hand button on it keeps sticking and I'm having to push really hard to make it go down (as it does you hear a loud clicking as if it's getting stuck on something).

I contacted the company I bought it from and they wont replace it as they only give it a 30 day warranty.

Has anyone seenthis before and does anyone know of a fix?

I dont have too many options as basically I now have a broken mouse so it's pretty much down to me to try sort it myself it seems.

All tips or advice hugely welcomed.

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  1. any idea how to take these things appart?
    I cant see any obvious method - they're pretty smoothly encased.

    If you know a website with instructions that'd be great but I tried googling and it just kept coming up with useless results - hundreds of them.
  2. I had a similar problem, but with the left mouse button. I simply forced the button down hard. After a while the issue went away. I think the problem started about 4 months after I bought the mouse. The problem lasted for maybe a month, and it's been about 7 month since I last had any problems.

    Not sure what caused the problem to begin with.
  3. You gets what you pay for...

    Try unpluging it from your PC, removing the casing and cleaning contacts. As per all of the previous posts.

    I'd recommend sterile water if its sticky gunk, possibly tuner cleaner if it just seems to be general gunk.

    Don't forget to dry it out for several days...

    Or save yourself the headaches and just get one new?
  4. This is a pretty old post, but it came up on google so I'll post anyways.

    Its pretty easy to take apart, just flip it over and peel off the two stickers, then unscrew the three screws you'll find. Once you get the main part separated there are a bunch of other little screws you'll need to take out as well.

    Look here --> http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=501 for photos.
  5. Basically there's 3 screws on the bottom, but they're hidden underneath the black serial stickers.

    I had to take mine apart to fix the really cheap thin and then broken USB wiring. I found the problem right at the kink at the exit from the mouse. Chopped about 3 inches, re-soldered, works like a champ now. Debating on replacing the entire wiring for it. It's a great mouse besides that.

    Warning! The mouse wheel will fall out and into 3 pieces if you turn it upside down. There's a very small tension spring that took me about 3 minutes to recover off the floor and try to understand how it fits back in.
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