what should i be able to achieve OCing this?

I intend to use Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi, Conroe E6300 and Kingmax DDR2 800 MHz cl5. I'll cool the cpu with Thermaltake Big Water SE put it all in Thermatake Soprano case and charge it with 550W thermaltake PSU. It sounds really thermaltake-ish but that are the components i will use. The availability here is not really great so pls do not offer me to change anything. I just need an opinion on the OC expected. The ram is 2x1GB. Pls give opinion on both the RAM and CPU OC ability and if you have any expirience with those components that would be great.
Thanks in advance

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  1. For starters...

    400MHz DDR2 RAM running 1:1 with a 400 FSB would cap out at 400 x 7 = 2.8GHz for your CPU, which is not unreasonable at all.

    It's also possible to run the RAM slower than the FSB but that is believed to incur a performance penalty from asychronous timings. In that case, memory performance would probably suffer in exchange for getting the CPU to:

    450fsb x 7 = 3150MHz (or wherever your 965-based board stops)

    Amazingly I have not heard of a case where the E6300 fails to reach at least 2.7GHz with the 965-based boards.

    Lastly, I can't resist the comment that you're probably overspending on a retail water cooling kit, which is unnecessary unless you want to get the CPU past 3.6GHz. Money might be better spent using a cheap HSF or stock fan and getting the E6400 instead, which has an 8x multiplier and thus should hit 3.2GHz easily without slowing down your RAM. Then again, water cooling also has the advantage of being very quiet.
  2. So how much should i be able to OC the ram? 50Mhz, 100Mhz?If i place heat sinks to each chip on the ram module that should help a bit...
    Also, i believe the e6600(which price equals to the combined of the water cooling and the e6300) has it's multiplier at 9 so should i be able to achieve 400 FSB with stock cooler on it?
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