I Have Problems with my Onloard LAN. Help please!

I have a gigabyte GA-7N400S-L motherboard with a Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet Adapter. Also an ASRock 775VM800 motherboard with VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter.

Now with Both machines they have Windows XP Pro SP2. They both have their drivers from their motherboard CD installed into their respective systems. Now I want to connect my broadband to my computer via ethernet. And even though when I plug in the ethernet cable at both ends the Onboard LAN notices a connection has been made and for each. It wont allow my internet to work? it means my onboard LAN is useless! I dont think its anything to do with it not installed properly because In Device Manager,there are no problems with the Adapter. Please HELp? (Has n e 1 else been in the same situation)

P.S I have heard it may be something to do with either the LAN chip or some kinda switches found on the motherboard itself which need to be adjusted to make it work. Do you reckon this is the problem?
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More about problems onloard please
  1. The best way to share a broadband connection is to connect the broadband cable to a router and then attach each PC to the router by ethernet cable.
    That way you should have internal LAN and Internet.

    Ideally set your router to allocate IP addresses by DHCP and set each PC to Obtain an IP Address Automatically.

    Ensure each PC is a member of the same Workgroup.

    Could you post again with some description/diagram of how your broadband and PCs are connected?
  2. hawkstar is correct, you need a router to share your internet.
    Also If your MB has a Onboard Firewall, disable it, till you get your connection working.
  3. Assuming that you have set up your internet sharing (proxy, nat whatever) properly, the first thing that comes to mind is the cabling. If you are directly connecting the 2 computers you should use a crossover cable.
  4. The OP isnt very clear, the idea i got from him is that he has a USB/ethernet modem (like the common SurfBoard cable ones) and wants to start using it over ethernet rather than USB - 'I want to connect my broadband to my computer via ethernet'

    However then later it does sound like he is trying to share the connection between them....

    If the 1st is the case, then it maybe that he needs to register his MAC address with his cable Telco, assuming he has Cable.

    If the second is the case, then its either:

    1. he hasnt enabled internet connection sharing, as he makes no mention of it,

    2. that he isnt using a crossover cable, though most modern NICs will compensate for this.

    3. I have also had problems with the onboard LAN on a VIA KT600 motherboard, whereby the VIA drivers work fine but Windows Update trys to throw some stupid M$ driver at it that stops the LAN working at all... so that could also be it. the VIA ones name the device 'VIA compatible Fast Ethernet Adapter' and the M$ ones call it 'VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter'. this would indicate to me that you have the M$ ones :)

    first, check network connections (start->control panel->network connections) and find your internet connection in there. Right click it, goto properties, then the advanced tab. Make sure 'allow other computers to access my internet connection' is ticked. Click 'OK' till all the boxes go away, reconnect to the internet, and reboot the other PC so it trys to aquire an address.

    if you've already done that, and the problem is that there is no network connectivity at all, then make sure you are using a crossover cable. These are needed as computers are designed to talk to hubs, not other computers. not using a crossover cable is kind of like trying to use the phone upside-down and talking into the speaker while listening to the mic - pointless.

    3rd, on the VIA pc hit the VIA website and download the VIA drivers, and install them instead of the M$ ones.
  5. I'm a little confused but if your trying to connect to the internet through the other computer you need to use a crossover cable between the 2 computers to share a connection or get a router.
  6. OK, To me it sounds like you have a USB modem connected to one PC, and another PC connected to that via ethernet.

    First things first, find out if you have a working network.

    Start by assigning Names and a workgroup to the 2 PC's, so you can identify them easily:

    Go to Control Panel => System (or press Windows Key+Break) and click on the Computer Name tab.
    In the Boxes that appear, type a short description of your computer, invent a short name (like DELLPC), and invent a short name for your workgroup (like ELEPHANTHOUSE). If you don't see these boxes, you should have a Change button. Click on this and the text boxes should be here.

    Do exactly the same on the other pc, but obviously give it a different name/description.

    Go to My Computer, click on My Network PLaces. It should be in a grey box labelled "Other Places" on the left of your screen. If you don't have any grey boxes and instead have a tree view of your computer, click on the Folders button in the toolbar at the top.

    Click on View workgroup computers, again should be in a grey box at the left of the screen.

    If you're lucky you should see a computer icon corresponding to the other computer (and probably one corresponding to the maching you're working at).

    Now, share a folder on each machine and try and look at the contents from the other.

    Pick a folder you might like to be able to acces on both machines. Right click on it and choose Properties from the menu that appears.

    In the dialog box, click on the Sharing tab.

    Check the box that says Share this folder on the network. Enter a share name for the folder, usually similar to the actual name of the folder, but remove spaces and puctuation (eg. GreenPhotos)

    Click OK.

    Now go to the other computer and open View workgroup computers. Double Click on the icon that corresponds to other computer (the one you originally shared the folder on).

    You should see the folder you shared. Open it to make sure the right files are in there.

    Now, if you can't do this or the previous step, you can try mapping a drive. Go to My Computer, choose Map Network Drive from the Tools menu.

    Pick a drive letter from the drop down box, then type the address in the next box. In my example it would be "\\DELLPC\GreenPhotos"

    Click OK. If it works you should see the contents of the folder.

    If not, do the same thing, only click on different user name instead of "OK", and enter a valid username and password for the computer on which the shared folder is.

    If none of these work, you probably have a more serious problem with your configuration or drivers.

    If they do work, you know you have a working network and the remaining task (of sharing your internet connection) is somewhat simpler.

    Either way, tell us how you get on.


    Sorry if this is aimed way below your level, but you havn't said much so I can't tell. Plus it might be useful if some total newbies stuble across this thread.
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