best card to upgrade to with older system?

Just wanted to know what's my bottleneck when it comes to the best card i can pick up for my system? It's an older 1800+ amd xp running off of 896MB ddrram and only 300W PSU. I've currently got a really old geforce4 mx440 agp card in there and would like to throw in another agp card in its place.

I was thinking about a
-Sapphire x1600 pro 256 mb agp for $70 dollars (friend selling used)
-7600GS 256MB DVI TV-O AGP8x XFX PVT73KUAL3 Geforce 7600GS 256MB DDR2 400MHz TV-O DVI DVI-to-VGA AGP8x
- 7600GS 512MB DVI TV-O AGP8x XFX Geforce 7600GS 512MB DDR2 400MHz TV-O DVI VGA AGP8x $183.00.

I would rather go with the 7600GS, but would my system be a real bottleneck for this card? How much % performance can I get out of this card?
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  1. Your 1800+ will bottleneck most newer titles unfoirtunately.

    If you're not planning to upgrade your processor, I'd get that X1600 PRO from you buddy. But talk him down to $40, $70 is too much. You can buy brand new X1600 PROs for under $100 (PCIe but don't mention that part) :)
  2. To 40? Maybe if you Really sweet talk him....... I would say 50. Look into a new processor, the 1800 like cleeve said will bottleneck new games. COD2, AoE3, BF2, etc.
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