Mainboard stopped working, could u help me choose a new one

A few months ago my fx 5200 graphic card fried due to a faulty fan. Then a little later my mobo just stopped working, unlucky for me both were over the warrenty date.

So now all i have left is:

-Intel P4 2.4(socket 478)
-Geforce 7600 GT (pci)

So can anyone recommend me some good ddr2 mainboards, or should i just get a new processor, if so which processor do u recommend and what board should i get to go with it (i don't mind if its amd or intel).

Also I only have $200 left to spend.

Thx for everyone's help in advance
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  1. You have 2 thread same question. Is it some error in pushing the button or it's because other reason ?
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