need some suggestions on certain parts of my new game rig

currently going for

E6300 C2D
Gigabyte DS-3
Thermaltake purepower 460 watts PSU
WD2500KS Hard Disk

parts i'm not sure of

Video Card:

BFG 7600GT US 222
EVGA 7600GT US 189
EVGA 7900GS 500mhz US 300
EVGA 7900GS KO ver. US 313
BFG 7900GS US 293

ATI 1950pro:
ASUS 581mhz US 261
Sapphire 580 mhz US 265
Gigabyte 600 mhz US 286

Corsair 2X1gb CL5 value select US 298
Kingston 2X1gb CL5 US 270

or go for a bit more pricy

Corsair Twin2X DDR2 2x 1GB 675MHz CL4-4-4-12 US 344
PDP Patriot Dual 2x 1GB DDR2 667 MHz CL5-4-4-12 /533 MHZ CL4 US 322
PDP Patriot Dual LLK 2x 1GB DDR2 667MHz CL4 US 359
Kingston HyperX DDR2 2x 1GB 675MHz CL4 US 344

my system will be doing mostly gaming ... and mostly World of Warcraft
i just want a suitable system while not wasting money in buying parts tht is over my cpu's range and fully use the part .... all about efficiency vs money

thanks pros
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  1. ditch the 7600gt, the BFG version is about $145, you can get a 1950pro for another 15 bucks, much better card. what brand of psu? and lastly, whats your budget?


    edit: make that another $35 for the card, i forgot newegg marked it up. still a great card for the money though.
  2. Quote:
    another $35 for the card
    It's actually $45 more but its the right idea. The 1950Pro is much more powerful GPU and if you can find it at a good price is an excellent upgrade. Asus X1950Pro 256MB $169 @
    Do you plan to overclock your E6300 at all? Then get the best RAM you're budget will allow. I'd choose the S-3 motherboard instead of the DS-3 if you're on a tight budget. The Patriot 2GB DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) LLK $225 after rebate would be a good choice for light overclocking.
  3. That ASUS isn't the bargain it once was. No VIVO & no Xfire connector. With the shipping cost, go over to zipzoomfly and get another manufacturer's X1950Pro for $199.99 shipped.

    I just noticed WR2 show it for $169 at Good price. Just beware of it's limitations. Don't think it's exactly the same as other X1950Pro cards out there.

    Neoanderson777: Need more info on your PSU. Please supply a link to it. Though 460W might be enough, there are PSU's with the wattage that doesn't supply the amps you need.

    And what it your budget? After knowing this, more posters will be able to better recommend components. Then you can pick the best choices for your system.
  4. i've edited the post with my current deals , since i'm overseas and can't get any newegg deals ..... :( but i've posted the local retailer's deals.... and the PSU is thermaltake purepower
    i heard asus doesn't make good gfx cards though...
    say if u were to do the rig under those prices which one wud u choose

    BTW i'm not planning to overclock any components
    plan to run these stock condition..
  5. Thermaltake PurePower W0068RUC ATX12V 2.0 460W Power Supply
    The 15Amps on two 12volt rails is below the 30Amps total that is recommended for a X1950Pro video card. (15Amps+15Amps does NOT equal 30Amps total in PSUs in case you were wondering)
    7900GS needs about 20Amps, 7600GT about 18Amps and so both should be OK with that PSU.
    You can go with either the lowest cost 7900GS or 7600GT which ever you can squeeze into your budget.

    If you're not thinking about overclocking you use the least expensive RAM. Spending $90US more for overclocking RAM? That between you and your budget. But you could easily get E6600 speed out on a light overclock... and the DS-3 or S-3 motherboards have the capability for higher overclocks (2.8Ghz+) - with the right RAM, of course.
  6. given the prices for the 7900gs ad 7600gt which one is more suitable for my system ......
  7. THG Video Chart Comparison 7900GS vs 7600GT
    Go through several of the video card benchmarks and compare the relative power of the 2 cards in different games.
  8. I agree with WR2. And it's mostly true that when you add up the 2 rails you never get the total.

    In this case the max output for the 5A & 3A is 200W. This will give you 260W max on the 2 rails for a total of 260W/(2x12V) = 10.8A each. So in effect, you are only getting 21.6A total. This is meeting the Amps requirements of the other cards but for the 7900GS, barely.

    I'd get a better PSU. Look for one with at least 18A on each rail and supplies 384W on the two rails which will give you 32A or 16A on each rail. This ThermalTake 600W would be a good starting point for you.

    Either get the eVGA 7600GT or Sapphire X1950Pro depending on your overall budget.

    For memory, get the Kingston. The price premium for the Corsairs isn't worth it. I normally suggest getting CL4 as a minimum but for those prices, it's not worth it.
  9. thanks i've got my mind set of the things to buy and reconfig my rig .... thanks alot for the advice..... :) !!!!
  10. will the tagan U15 430watts easycon PSU be suitable??
  11. I only saw the 480W version at Newegg which would be good from a Watts & Amps perspective. I haven't heard anyone using a PSU from this manufacturer so I can't comment on their quality.

    I just saw this FSP Group 450W. Can you get this one? Good price & good PSU. You could even run the new 8800GTX with this PSU. Total of 29A for both rails.
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