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Hello folks..

I have a old AMD 1800MP with a 1G & tyan MOBO, i want to play some games on it and want to know at what point will my CPU`s not be able to keep up with the newer video cards, i think its 4x AGP.i think...

Not looking to play Quake 4 at 1600x1200, just some Age of empire 3 stuff like that..

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  1. 4x AGP isn't that bad, but your CPU is going to slow you down in newer titles.

    If all you want is to play AOE3, an X850 PRO or X800 GTO might do the trick, but a CPU would really help. See if there's any cheap Athlon XP 2400+ on ebay, and if your mobo supports it.
  2. It's hard to say, since some games lean on the CPU more than others. But my son plays AOE3 on his Athlon 2800+ with a 6800GS. Smooth and nice looking at 1024x768. So you should be fine with anything in the range of a X1600, or a 7600GT which would be a bit faster. I wouldn't spend more than that though. You could also stay at SM2 with a X800 or X850, or even a 9800 Pro may be a good match for your processor. What card do you have now?
  3. I have a Gforce TI 300 with that system but its in pieces now im putting it back up next week so i needed to know if i should get a new card...

    Im think my mobo only supports MP`s not XP`s but i`ll check...Its a Tyan something, the step up from the old 2460..

    thanks for info guys
  4. Your memory is more likely DDR 266 so it will limit your system some even by getting a better MP chip. Though, this is probably small ~5-10%.

    Any AGP card you buy today (at least at Newegg) will be better than the one you are using. Only thing to look out for is your mobo's compatibility with newer video cards. If your slot is AGP 4x then any 8X card will work. They are backwards compatible with 4X even though most don't say so. Marketing blunder in my opinion.

    It might be better just to build a brand new cheap system.
  5. The thing is im building 2 new video workstations and just wanted to add a video card to my old old one since im spending close to $6000 for the other 2.

    I dont like to mix games with my editing systems,it will be tempting though E6600, 2G/667 & EVGA7900..

    So i ask this again to be clear if i go with the 7600GT (which has some nice clock speeds BTW & is a bit high $170) will my MP1800+ with 1G DDR-266 be able to keep up with the GPU or im i going to bottle neck it?

    I`ll see after a few more posts..

    Thanks for you input guys!!!
  6. It's definitely going to be bottlenecked. How much, can't say as I doubt you'll find any benchmarks of a 7600GT with the MP1800+.

    Go with a 6600GT instead. The MP1800+ will still bottleneck this video card also, so you might as well buy the cheaper video card. I currently have the 6600GT but I have an Athlon 2400+. I am running NWN2 but on the lowest setting and it still slows down depending on how much action is going on.
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