Upgrading from Radeon 9800 Pro to Geforce 7600 GT

It has been a long time since I stuck my head back into the technical market for computer hardware, so if anyone can provide me with some guidance, i would appreciate it.

Well, with the coming of a new expansion for my favorite game, Dark Age of Camelot, it has become apparent that if I want to enjoy the full graphic glory of the game, i will need to upgrade my graphics card.

I currently use a 9800 Pro 128 card. It has performed nicely for me for several years now. I had used Nvidia in the past, and had some horrible problems, but I am willing to give them another try with this 7600 GT card.

I wanted to know if this is an upgrade that I will definetly see the improvement. I dont really want to fork up a couple hundred dollars to hardly see a differnce. Is this a good card choice for an upgrade, or should I consider something else? I am forced to stay in the AGP arena for now.

Here are my system specs...

MSI K7N2-D Motherboard
Athlon 2500+ Barton
1 gig DDR Ram
Radeon 9800 Pro 128

I know upgrading my Ram would probably help my performance too. But the lag of loading new terrain on the screen isnt really my biggest problem. It's when I have everything loaded, the framerate is still significantly low.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. I wouldn't spend more than 160$ on that card, all included. Why? because if you've got more money to spend you'd be better served by a full CPU/mobo/GPU upgrade. Your CPU is rather slow and while the 7600GT will certainly bring some new life to your system, it can't really be redeemed from the suckiness it is slowly falling into.

    In other words, you'll be happy with a 7600GT (as long as you can find it for cheap) but your system will still get more or less tramped by Oblivion and NWN2 and Crysis and MSFlightSim X, etc., all the trianisowideteraflopshmoxdx10crap stuff. It'll do wonders for slightly older games (such as Dark Age of Camelot).
  2. In short, it'd be a huge upgrade.
  3. I upgraded from my 9800pro to a 7900gs...you will see them on sale at newegg for the similiar prices as the 7600gt. You can very easily overclock the 7900GS to the 7900GT level at zero cost it was a huge bargain and very noticable difference over the 9800pro........

    Love it !
  4. ahh forgot to add I am using an Asrock dual vista MB which supports AGP and 16x pci........ That MB works great for me and I was able to use my existing ddr ram.
  5. Quote:
    In short, it'd be a huge upgrade.
    Case closed. :D
  6. If you don't want to diddle with drivers, then another option to consider would be the X850 Pro, $129.99 from NewEgg.


    It's an excellent AGP performer at an inexpensive price, and like the 7600 GT, will leave your 9800 Pro in the dust.
  7. As other suggested 7600GT huge upgrade also a x850 from ati is also a huge upgrade.

    Basicaly choose the cheapest one of the two you can find and you will be very happy even with your current rig.
  8. Could anyone recommend a specific vendor for the 7600GT? This is the one I am currently looking at...


    EDIT: I just noticed that Newegg is out of stock on that one, here is a nother I am looking at...

  9. Your links point to the 7600 GS. Quite a bit different than the GT flavor. It's tough finding a 7600GT listed, much less one in stock. The few I've seen are running around $200.

    If you haven't seen this allready, it's a really good rundown for those of us that get severe headaches from trying to decipher the high tech reviews:

    Looks like the X850 Pro might be your best bet unless you want to spring the $200+ for a 7800GS. The X1950 Pro AGP will be available soon and may have an impact on prices but most likely be around $250.
  10. I agree with piratepast40. Wait for the X1950Pro to come out in a couple of weeks to see the price point of this card and if it causes other AGP cards to come down in price.

    The one thing I would be concerned about is to make sure you're PSU can handle the wattage & amps requirements of the X1950Pro.

    There's a BFG 7800GS for $214 but that's pricey. I'd get a new mobo, CPU & video card like someone else mentioned.

    Even a 7600GS isn't less than $130. You're current best bet is the X850Pro for $146. It's only SM2.0 but it's much faster than the 7600GS.

    Once again, wait for the X1950Pro and see what happens to the price of current AGP cards.
  11. Thanks a ton for helping me out on this guys. Quite emaressing that I got the whole card wrong on Newegg, lol. Just to make sure I am looking at the right thing here, this is the X850 that you guys are reffering to correct?

  12. That's it. IMO, the best AGP card in that price range.
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