Build an i7 system or myself or go with online builder?

Hi guys,
I'm trying to get an i7 920 rig with the following specs:

Asus P6T Deluxe v2 mobo
6 GB corsair RAM
650w corsair PSU
Antec P182 case
650 GB WD Caviar HD
Pioneer DVD driver

Should I buy the parts from Newegg and hire my local pc repair shop to put it together or am I better off in the long run (e.g. have a warranty and tech support) by having an online system builder do it for me?

In terms of system builders I'm finding that cyberpowerpc and buyxg are about the same in price as buying the parts from Newegg, but I've not heard especially good reviews about these 2 companies. Puget seems like a high quality, reputable system builder, but they are charging $1700 (including shipping) for my system whereas Newegg, Cyberpowerpc, and Buyxg are charging around $1250 (including shipping). Are there other system builders I should be looking into?

Thoughts? Thanks.
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  1. your better off just putting the parts together yourself i built my first rig with exactly the same specs apart from hard drive and case, btw get 2 hardrives and put them in raid 0 becuase you will get more preformance from your pc and will make that rig worth while a lot more without a raptor i got 2 raptor 300gb in raid 0 and they are fast and questions post again
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