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Hey, im finding it hard to quickly find threads ive entered into. It appears I can only search for my threads if im in the category i posted in, If im posting in multiple categories, I cannot quickly search for my conversations.

U cannot search for my username, I cannot do a search for my posts over the entire site? I found in 'my page' a link called 'Access to the whole list of his/her messages' but this just takes me to apage that says
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any ideas how i can quicky find my threads without having to search within each category separately. There are 40 categories, it would take ages to click find my threads in all these. What can I do?
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  1. The "Access to the whole list of his/her messages" function is broken on the UK site, is that what you are using?
  2. If your are logged in to the site, when you visit the main forum page you will see a button that says "See My Threads" just above the forum listings on the left side. If you click it, you will be presented with a forum page listing all of the sites that received new posts since your last visit. I am not aware of any facility for showing all threads including those that have not changes since last visit - but you are shown these if you go to one of the categories and select the same button.
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