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I'm going to be building a new system in a few months, and will be giving my old system a new life as a HTPC. The mobo (ASUS p4pe) is AGP only. I was thinking of replacing my old ATI 9100 with an Nvidia 7600GT, since it's the cheapest card with all of the PureVideo features enabled (if I go down even to the 7600GS, i'd lose inverse telecine).

Anyways, I've noticed that AGP versions of these cards are hard to come by. If I wait a couple of months to buy one, will I be SOL? Should I just jump on it now while they're still around?

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  1. AGP is phasing out, so in couple of months none of the cards you are interested in will be available.

    I would say keep checking, and you can find some.

    You can use something like Froogle, and you might find some in stock.
  2. While PCI-E is the latest and greatest, there are so many AGP systems out there manufactures will still product AGP cards for a while. The 7600GT is one of the best AGP cards out there and is still in production. If you give it a bit you will see more released although you better jump on one as soon as it is available as they sell out very fast.

    XFX Support
  3. I found one Canadian supplier that had stock, so I ordered it - an XFX 7600GT AGP. The PCI-E version of the same card was CAN$40 less expensive -- higher volume, lower cost, I suppose.
  4. Not just higher volume lower cost but PCI-E cards are actually less expensive to manufacture. Glad to see you found the card you were looking for.

    XFX Support
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