E6300&P5B-Dlx @ 3.4ghz how far this will go ?

So , i've got myself a new e6300 today , the first one i had only scaled up to 2.6ghz fully stable in Orthos @ 1.3625 bios Vcore(1.32 Windows) so i RMA it (don't ask me how) and i got my self a new piece. Now .. from the first tests i was able to get it to 3.2 Orthos stable @ 1.4 v bios (1.34 Windows). I upped the volts a bit and now its fully stable at 3.4ghz - 1.4125 V bios (1.35 Windows) . My feelings are that this thing will go much higher but i have only an Arctic Freezer 7 Pro and my temps are already @ 60-62C full load - Orthos . What the heck should i do ? I dont have the patiente to wait for a bigger cooler and my hands are shacking ... i want to see how far this thing will go !! but the temps are holding me back ... cause i dont want to fry this chip by mistake. Please , i want your opinions ... and fast if its possible ... cause i dont think i can't wait much and i'll push it 8O
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  1. So ? .. no one dares throwing a hint , a tip ... or at least some encouragement?
  2. Ill be the brave one! Let me start by congratulating you on not accepting a limited chip hehehe
    On that cooler you can go up to 1.45vCORE (BIOS) and keeping temps under 75c, I am being conservative on both values. Try this and tell me up to where you got.
    What are the rest of your specs by the way?
  3. Well in the first place , i changed the termic grease my cooler used (it was a generic one , not the stock mx-1) with some AS5. The temps lowered 3-4C ... which is pretty good considering AS5 needs about 200hours to fully stabilize.

    So , my last Orthos stable specs in the tests last night were :

    FSB486 => 486x7 = 3402mhz
    1.385Vcore Bios (1.34 Windows)
    1.4V FSB // 1.45V NB // 1.6V SB // 1.057V ICH
    All settings in bios tab "CPU Config." - Disabled

    Ram is Corsair 6400C4 set @ 972mhz , 2.1Vdimm , 5-5-5-15 (just to be sure)

    My temps are now around 48C Idle and 59C - Orthos (These are temps reported by CoreTemp and TAT)... so im pretty confused ... why the Delta so small ? 59-48 = only 11C between IDLE and FULL LOAD ... on one side im satisfied with the full load temps ,on the other confused by the high Idle temps.

    Anyway , im @ work now ... but tonite i'll try to break the 3.5 barrier .... in Intel specs max safe temp it says to be 61C ... how that relates to your conservative 75C ?
  4. Nice OC Tribal, you got some decent RAM and a nice CPU too. That FSB for the voltage is great. I have a 6400 on 3.4 at the same volts but only 425 FSB, thanks to my crappy RAM which fails to POST around 435 and takes hits in orthos much above 425.

    Now to your temps, i reckon its up to you. When I OC'd mine, I left Vcore on auto :-O, clearly a bad move, volts went to 1.55 in windows. When i run orthos on both CPU's TAT was showing that the Thermal Monitor was throtting the CPU at around 79degC. Now the facts. Intels spec for Thermal is 62 or thereabouts and thatsfor full load for sometime and the CPU will last for more than 5 years. So if you goto and OC which gives you 75degC in full load is it an issue? Personally I would say that it is, unless you dont do much 3D games or Video stuff. However, I reckon that 70 woould be a better compromise, you'll get a good OC and good performance and your CPU will die after 3 or 4 years. Is this an issue? I doubt it, considering that your board will do the Core 2 Quad (Kentsfield) which in 2 years time will be nice and cheap :-)
  5. Quote:
    in Intel specs max safe temp it says to be 61C ... how that relates to your conservative 75C ?

    Because the 61c was measured on top of the IHS, TAT and CoreTemp measure the internal die.
  6. Thx 4 the tips ... the one that max temp in intel specs is measured on top of the IHS and CoreTemp actually reads the internal die ... really made the difference for me. Thx again and i'll keep u posted ... if u'd like to hear more results
  7. Since youre running such high FSB speeds I would set 2.2vDIMM and 1.5vMCH (NB). This will help you get farther.
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