xp2800+ and athlon 64 3700+ differences?

My xp2800+ runs 2.25ghz and from what i remember so does the new 3700+ i just ordered.

What are the differences in performance, or just spec wise.

More cache?
Faster FSB?
I know one is 32 Bit and ones 64 Bit. but i won't be running anything under xp 64BIT i will still be using xp pro normal version.

Um.. anyway this is what i just upgraded to and i didn't get anything yet, im just wondering cause i couldn't get any info on the 2800+ to compare it.


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  1. Thank you Sir!

    I had the worst day so far waiting for these packages.

    Nothing ever usually comes to my house.

    So as im in my room waiting the bell rings and i go NUTS!! lol

    meanwhile it was DHL delivering something for my DAD.

    a few hours go by and DING DONG the bell rings again.... once again i get up and make a mad dash to the door only awaiting was the FedEX guy with a package for my brother.

    lol I'm still waiting for the UPS guy with my goodies.

    ugh lol
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