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I have a Unex Router, which is installed with an NAT software inside it.
It has recently just quit working. All the lights will light up, but I can't get in contact with the NAT software on the router. The default adresse is: , but I am getting that Interet Explorer, can't findthe page that I am looking for.

One thing which was stupid of me, was the I clicked the "reset" button several times, even now, when it doesn't work.

Do anyone have any suggestion of how I can't get this working? Is there any trick which experts use, if they can't get in contact with the router.

I hope that the Unex Router is not damaged.

Thank you.
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  1. well to go to the router config. page, if you are using ie, just type the ip address, in this case into the address bar. If your network connection on your box is connected correctly to the router/switch (via ethernet or wireless), and you cannot access the router page (getting an error like "page does not exist" you probably have a dead router.

    EDIT:: is not a valid ip address. All ip(version 4 at least) addresses are 32 bits long. (That means binary ;)) If you convert into binary, you will notice that the address is 37 or so bits long. So your router is probably fine, you just are using the wrond ip address to access it. Try or as they are usually the defaults for those devices. But definatly look at your user's manual or similar, as they will tell you the correct ip, which i guarentee is not what you said it was :)
    BTW unless you want people to think you dont know what you are talking about, do not call the router confiuration the nat software. First of all, acting as a nat firewall is just one function of your firewall, if you want to figure more about it and the rest of your router, you can find very good resources online. Also, this is just being picky, but it is not really software, per se, they are instructions that are pretty much hardcoded into the device.
    (this was not intended as a flame, sorry if it sounded unfriendly. I would love to answer any other questions you might have. :))
  2. Lol dud, how did you figure out this BS? ;) The IPv4 standard says each ip is made up from four 8 bit octets, 32bit in all. Which mean is available (excluding a few addresses) in decimal.

    So there is no problem with, it will be 11000000.10101000.1111011.11111110.

    What could be the real problem, is that the computer which from he want to access the router, is in different network. Probably the routers IP is in a class C subnet (should be), so he has to assign an ip address for his computer from the range with subnet mask.

    BTW, better try to think before you talk if you dont want ppl know u havent got the slightest idea what u r talking about. ;)
  3. (Ehh... I am sorry for not beeing such a professional, that is actually why I am asking for help on THG.).

    But when I had xDSL i got this router connected to my network in my home, but after I changed ISP , it has suddenly stopped working. The IP is says the manual, but I can't get in contact with the router. Even the Unex Router Software, can't find the router.

    Hm..... So would you think that the router is "damaged"?(Maybe needs to be replaced...?)

  4. Did you try to change your computers ip to ? Still no good?
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