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My housemate and I have networked our computers. However, if he hasn't turned off his firewall, I cannot access the internet. How do we get around this without him getting paranoid about his computer being more suseptable to hackers, viruses etc... thanks
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  1. How have you networked your PCs ?
    Did you configure ICS on the PC connected to the Internet ?
    What Firewall are you using ?

    If you are using ICS and ZoneALarm then:

    Under the "Firewall" option in the program window, click the "Advanced" button. A smaller window named "Advanced Settings" will come up.

    Under the "Internet Connection Sharing" section, choose the option "This computer is an ICS/NAT gateway".

    That's all. You can leave your Trusted Zone setting on "Medium". Never tried it on "High", though.

    Also look at this
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